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Thursday, July 26, 2007

trainwreck of thought

ah cripes, I erased my old blog post. there goes my virtual memory.

I took the last two days off work to pick up a moped in Pennsylvania and take my first swim of the summer.

okay so Shangri-la (postponed until the Labor Day weekend) , I would be too rushed to put it together in two weeks, plus now the town has time to get the riot gear. Hopefully it will be water proof becuase we are going to set up the pool and bring the beach to you. While we are wading for the pool, we are going to have a BBQ on Sunday the 19th with Water under Water, Savu Sea and one other band. Mark your calenders.

Other stuff @ 58. Kayt Hester Lent's last looks is this Saturday. The gallery will be open tomorrow from 3 to 6pm. Trust Your Struggle's Of Love and Riots opens on Friday. And if you didn't know 58's first Record and Craft Fair is next Sunday @ noon. Contact to rent a table.

On the Anerican Watercolor Movement Calender, the film, music, and art presentation of 1938 will be at 8 pm on August Saturdays the 11th and the 18th.

Tonight Sikamor Rooney is @ Iron Monkey.

Tomorrow FREE Kayaking @ the Reservior.

what else did I mess ? Billy Filo is rocking out in Brooklyn Tonight

i'll be playing a rock show with a special line-up this friday.....we will play brand new ones and really old ones too
Billy Filo-vox/guit
Jon Warran-guit
Kevin Fish-keys
Jamal Ruhe-bass
Brian Kantor-drums
this is happening this friday in brooklyn

Friday, August 3rd
@ Union Hall (702 Union St. @ 5th Ave, Brooklyn) w/ The Shorebirds, Mason Dixon $8, Doors 7:30pm, billy filo @8pm more info



Larry and Amy @ The Corkscrew 9 pm (check links for dj schedule)

The Special Moves @ Trash Bar (Williamsburg) $8 @ 7 pm OPEN BAR DURING THEIR Performace

Sikamore Rooney @ The Iron Monkey FREE 10 pm

Old Skool Night w/ DJ Johnny Astronaut @ The Lamp Post

DJ Rhod 9 pm@ The White Star Bar


Grace Van Vorst Church Breakfast Plus program email . to volunteer

Events @ The Reservior 10 am (check their link--) FREE KYAKING

Di in the morning @ The Lamp Post 11am to 6pm – Scrabble and other nerdy stuff with the delight of Bloody Mary’s and Egg Sandwiches

Closing Party for Kayt Hester Lent's A Method of Madness Noon to 6 pm

Art Opening : Summer Vacation @ LITM 7 to 10 pm

A TRUE STORYSaturday 10 PM and 11 30 @ the Lamp Post FREE

The BRAINWASHER at 200 Orchard
Lismore (live @ 11:30pm)
with The Glass (live) + Dj Jesse Jamz (Lexington, KY)
200 Orchard St (between Houston + Stanton) doors 10pm.


Grace Van Vorst Church Breakfast Plus program email . to volunteer

Volleyball @ "Pennisula Park" @ 155 Washington Street. We set up at 1:30 pm

Rebeca Vallejo Project : Sounds of Brazil at Bar Majestic FROM 8 – 10.

Anti-Monday Sundays w/ DJ Chuck D @ The Corkscrew

August 10th Trust Your Struggle : August 12th Record and Craft Fair @ 58
August 14th DJ Dancing Tony @ The Lamp Post
August 15th Jason of American Watercolor Movement

August ?? Shangri-la Music Festival @ 58 (14 bands over 2 days) w/ Water under Water, Kilsy, American Watercolor Movement,

Love tony

JC Department of Love and Leisure

h. 201-fbi-auto
c. 973-219-9696
w. 973-783-7670

The Reservior is looking for Volunteers to help with events We're looking for Volunteers each Saturday from May 12th through October 27th. Hours will be from 10am-2pm and 2pm-6pm. Please email if interested--

111 First Street circa 2015

No Pay/ Non-Equity
ROLES OPEN 2 Females – 1 Male
"Clowning Around" by Jami Brandli
Directed by Mercedes Ilarraza
Part of the 2007 Hudson County One Act Festival at Debaun Performing Arts Center in Hoboken Performance dates:
September 14, 15, 21 and 22 at 8pm
Rehearsals in Hoboken and Manhattan
Auditions by appointment ONLY
Please call: (917) 204 9931
or e-mail headshots and resumes to auditions @ gaiastudio (dot) org
Auditions will be held at _gaia Studio in Hoboken Monday, July 30th from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Synopsis: Two women, Thirty and Twenty-two are interviewing for the same job. Which they both desperately need. Both go to interesting lengths to prove their candidacy.
Twenty something: (18-25): energetic, sexy, vibrant.
Just graduated from college applying for her first
job. Good improv and comedic timing necessary.
Thirty something: (30-45) intense and desperate for the
job. Has been looking for a job but can’t find one.
Good improv and comedic timing necessary.
Business Man: (40-50) Interviews women for job. Mean boss.
Also seeking a stage manager.
For more info on _gaia visit

Bryan Beninghove Organ Trio!

DC's Tavern 10pm

Invading my favorite haunt again!
This time I'm bringin the regulars for some grits & gravy.

Kyle Koehler - organ
Big Don Williams - drums
me - saxophones

no cover
505 8th St Hoboken

Greetings!You are invited to the CLOSING RECEPTION of my NUDES art exhibit and performance event @ The Mary Benson Gallery, a new art gallery at 369 Third Street, Historic Downtown Jersey City, from 7-10 PM on Thursday, July 26, 2007. As a special gift to our Patrons, we are offering a discount of 20% on all the artworks for sale. Please contact me for more information!ART by Ken Bastard, John Besante, Iris Brosch, William Coronado, Lynda D'Amico, Julie Gadaletta, Deidre Kennedy, Jim Legge, Kayt Hester Lent, Loretta Oliva Maldonado, Mike McNamara, Andrea Artemis Morin, Eva Mueller, Ed Samuels, Heather Warfel, Myra Williamson. The Performance Schedule is: 7 pm SURPRISE! Poetry? Spoken Word? ... or ... 8 pm MUSIC by Kevin Spyker, Ken Clare, John Young & Company "musical genius"..If you wish to speak, perform or otherwise entertain or enlighten the audience, please contact me when you arrive so I can book time for you. Please contact me if you need more information. Spread the word! Thanks,JimThe NUDES Project, Guest Curator, The Mary Benson GalleryThe Daylight Gallery, Founder/Director Jim LeggeVoice 201.451.0222

Friends,The Meltdowns are playing at the Luna Lounge this Friday the 27th of July, as I have previously mentioned. We go on at 8pm exactly, so hopefully that helps -- we went on a little earlier last time and everybody had trouble getting there after work. It's very easy to get to by car or mass transit (Path -> 14th street, L train -> Lorimer). Here's Google for directions!Thanks for coming out so much lately, it's been really exciting and the shows have really been just awesome!Did you guys know that the Iron Monkey flooded only hours before you got there? Yes, we will be doing The Dance. We will ALWAYS do The Dance. And we WILL find clever ways to rope you into doing it, too. Oh yes.In other news:We have a van! Adam thinks he's going to squeeze all of us and our equipment into a Honda Odyssey. It's going to be hysterical. He got it because we're driving to Greenville, NC on Fri Aug 17th to play at a place called Spazzatorium Galleria, and then we're going to Athens, GA to play at Little Kings with our soul mates Oh No They Didn't, who have invited us down. We would really love to play in the DC/Baltimore/VA area on Thur Aug 16th if we can find a show! If anybody on here can help us out, please let me know! I know I've got some southern rockers on this mailing list who've asked us to come South in the past... We'll have t-shirts when we go South! Oh yes! More recording this Sunday. Aug will be recording and practicing for the Fall and that trip, and going to da beach boyyyy, so probably no more area shows until September, hopefully we can do some kind of local blow-out in Jersey City. Meanwhile, if you're in the NYC/Jerz area while we're away, be sure to hit up 58 Gallery's Shangri-La event that weekend, which is going to be quite a blast (a two-day blast), and we're sorry that we'll be missing it! All my best,Billy Meltdown

---Plastiq passion @ LUNA LOUNGE - Friday, July 27th 9PM---
361 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, New York
well folks,
here we are and here you and and you, communicating over this crazy thing called "the Internet". Amazing how a little box filled with colors and letters can reach out over miles and mountains and even sometimes over lava to convey messages, thoughts, and in our case MUSIC!
Cmon make your move people! Come on over to the LUNA Lounge and let us share our MUSIC with YOU, let us share our new songs with YOU.
Doors open at 7pm.
We go on at 9pm sharp, so get there early.
also performing: The Meltdowns, HeadQuarters, Red Wire Black Wire and The Hidden Ratio
Also we have been chosen as one of the six semi-finalists in the Gen Art & Biore Uncover/Discover competition! Please go vote for us:
You may vote once a day. You only have to vote once. SO PLEASE VOTE.
On-line voting run til August 31st.
-plastiq passion
Kindly leave your review for our EP-I Can't Wait
****if you would like us to take you off our email list, simply say the word****

...for a while anyway. I'm moving to Florida...where the alligators are big, the sharks are hungry and the rednecks are armed. So if you can't make it to the "good-bye" show on Aug 19 in Jersey City, come to Crash Mansion this Friday. We're even playing a brand new song just for the occasion. So here are the details:FRIDAY, 07/27/2007 09:00 PM - Crash Mansion199 bowery @ Spring St, New York, 10009 - free if you rsvpJuly 27th - Old's Cool Birthday Bash - with the New York Howl, Second Dan, Mesmer, and the Impulse. As is always the case when we play at Crash: Free admission before 11 on the Underbelly list (RSVP at ) - $5 after; otherwise, after 11, it's $10 bucks. Come early for the free vodka drinks (9-10 pm). The Impulse plays last... and probably very drunk.

[ Note: Due to potential down-pour we are converting this Saturday's rooftop party into a tight and beautiful indoor-all-night hedonistic gathering of big art, friends and fire. Our former party palace, the third floor of third ward, is deep under deconstruction but we have cleared out a few rooms of bliss in the midst of apocalyptic
demolition. The result is about 15,000sqft of party
space set against beautiful ruin. ]
ArtistsWanted, 3rd Ward Brooklyn, TheDanger, Ad-Hoc Arts, The American Water Color Movement, Subatomic Sound System and Black Crack Records invite you to the return of:
I (heart) DANGER
Saturday, July 28th, 10pm to 7am
Nine hours of interactive fire art, dj's, dance and aesthetic decadence launching our new project: Artists Wanted.
These are things we should never do...
Explore a maze of beautiful detritus, danger art, dancers, dj's, bubble domes, ice-sculpture, and fire performance from the same artists and mischief-makers that brought you July 14th's One Night of Fire.
In the room of Brick:
The American Water Color Movement (10pm) An inspiring mix of live groove and visuals that is both frightening and calming all at once ' it's a strange groove, because it somehow inspires both movement and paralysis. Movement because the rhythm is so intoxicating, and paralysis because of the feeling that some major shit is going down and all you can do is stand back and watch.
Subatomic Sound System (11pm)
Born at the turn of the millennium during a collision of circuit boards, New York City asphalt, and human skin, this live group of seasoned musicians experiments with hip-hop, dub reggae, dancehall and drum and bass with excessive exposure to gamma radiation. They are as danceable as they are poetic, a dangerous sound that is not to be missed.
After Midnight:
DJ Grimace brings classic hip-hop and loin shaking street funk classics.
$mall(c)hange continues the classic theme digging deep into his endless crates upping the BPM as the collective heartbeat of the dance-floor rises.
Zemi17 plays through sunrise with his eclectic mix of Indonesian house to transcendent intelligent techno.
In the third floor Dome (you have to see it to believe it):
The Imagenode Collective offer art, music and wonderful things.
Autophage brings ambient glitch-hop with a nerdcore vibe.
North guinea hills and dj prancecess will drop everything from post-aphex gestures, to environmental kraut pulses, to defleshed dubsteps, and the cultural detritus of the world hacked onto skeletal beats.
Leisure Muffin plays lofi chill to regressive epic bleepblop.
DJ Love Rocket takes you on a journey through distant universes of warped and wandering soundscapes and celestial soundtracks.
With visuals by The Housewives' Guide To Anatomy & Animitron.

In the Open Air Courtyard:
Josh Kalin does live ice-sculpting with a touch of flame while fire performers bring up the heat and beauty, rain or shine.
In the Gallery:
Massive projections from One Night of Fire by Jeanne Angel (if you were there you are now famous) and bring a shirt or flag for free fire screen prints by Ad-Hoc Arts. It's like wearable vandalism.
Plus Jeremy Nelson and Devin Elijah make you beautiful with pro portrait sessions to be broadcast throughout the venue and online into perpetuity. To see portraits from our last event look to:
All this with cheap booze and a few things you'd never expect at:
3rd Ward Brooklyn
195 Morgan Ave.
Take the L train to Morgan Ave and walk 4 blocks north.
This Saturday, July 28th
10pm to 7am or later
Only $10 - Strictly 21+
Details and directions:
Also, we had a huge response to the Art Ate New York competition, so much that we decided to make the thing bigger/badder/longer with more partners and a better prize. You deserve as much. Details will be announced next week but now you have more time to create your work and make it public. The deadline will likely be in September. Details will be at:
[Note: The event below is important, please join us.]
Join performance artists Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, Critical Mass bike riders, and Picture New York -- a new coalition of concerned filmmakers and photographers, for a festive and un-permitted celebration of the First Amendment.
Friday, July 27, 6:30pm
Union Square, north end
Press Conference and Rally
Bring: marching bands, gospel choirs, props and signs, cameras, projections, bikes, YOU and YOUR FRIENDS, and the
44 sweet words of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
TheDanger List
To remove yourself write to:

Hey you,

I'm starting a reading series at Balance Salon World Of Style for my humorous essays and poetry. I'll be inviting special guests to read sometimes, so tell your writer friends.

It's going to be Saturdays before dark. It will most likely start up by the end of this month.

Balance Salon World Of Style is a hair salon and vintage clothing store with go go stages and wine. It's the only hair salon I've known that has bands play. It's one block from the Grove Street PATH. Also, it's given me the best hair cuts of my life.

Thank you,
Melissa Surach

Vito! You mispelled my name. It's Melissa Surach, with two s's.

And my first reading at Balance will be on July 28th from 3-5 pm. It's called Sweet Face, Sour Puss.

Also, I will soon be starting an open mic on Tuesday nights called BabyHole. I don't know where or when, but it will happen as soon as next week, or no later than the first week of September. It will be for everything BUT poetry, mostly comedy and rock and roll.


Historic Paulus Hook Association
Historic Paulus Hook Association, Inc.For Neighborhood Preservation, Safety and Development
Senator Clinton & Voter Registration
Monday, July 30th, Senator Clinton will be in Jersey City at a free public event.The HPHA will be handing out voter registration forms at the event.Who: Senator Hillary Clinton & Voter RegistrationWhen: Monday, July 30th at 5PMWhere: Newport Town Square (located in front of South City Grill in Newport)

Senator Clinton will be speaking at a public rally in Downtown Jersey City on July 30th.This will be a free event and a great opportunity for people to see and hear her firsthand. I have included below details for anyone who wishes to attend.Who: Senator Clinton When: Monday, July 30th at 5:15PM (sharp)Where: Newport Town SquareIf you have the opportunity, I hope to see you there.Best regardsSteven Fulop

Hey everyone,We're playing in brooklyn next Friday, August 3rd at 7pm. It's at Trash Bar in Williamsburg. It's only 7 bucks, and drinks are free the entire time we're playing. Go back and read that sentence again. It should be a great time thanks to all the helpful promotion and sponsors we've been getting on board!!Further reading...

Hey there,As the album release date draws near, we're throwing up a new track..."Turn Up The Radio." Stop by our page and give it a listen! Release Show
Friday, August 17th
Mercury Lounge

217 E. Houston @ Ave. A


Hi! Would you call/text me about the city ordinance meeting? If you're spinning tonight, I'll stop by.
Tx! Jude


LIVE! Music
MARK DILLON straight outta Ireland
Wednesday, August 1st, 9 and 10 30 PM
Saturday, August 4th, 10 PM and 11 30 PM
JASON C of American Watercolor Movement
Wednesday, August 15th, 9 and 10 30 PM
mOre gOod tiMes.!
Sunday, August 5th, 2 30 - 6 PM
DJ SIEG spins @ Club LP
Saturday, August 10th, 10 PM - cloSe
VIRGO Birthday baSh
Saturday, August 25th, 10 PM - cloSe

See you at the pOst!
boOking & baRtending
LP satuRdayZ
the lamp pOst baR & Grille
382 Second Street
dOwntown jeRsey city