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Friday, June 6, 2014

Side if JC Fridays

Just wanted to share an update that last month the city decided to CTL-ALT-DEL the bidding process for renewal of the Ambulance Providers contract, it's good to hear the city has decided to take a closer look at this. Here's the story as from NJ.COM. Stay safe Jersey City. 

I'm gearing up for today's events for JCFridays. We have a special live music showcase for today's Groove on Grove. Things start early as it's a juggernaut day the the Plaza with Creative Grove. you can see why the city is exploring plans to transform Newark Ave into a Pedestrian Plaza. Here's the schedule of music for the day 3pm DJ K7 | 4pm Eddie Cevetello | 5pm Vespertine | 6pm Shayfer James | 7pm Sylvana Joyce & the Moment | 8pm Pat Van Dyke | 9pm Kiwi. Spend the night and you can be the first shopper for the JC Record Riot on Saturday from 9am to 5pm. 

There is a musical montage for this JC Friday with RNA hosting Live at the Lumberyard and a Fabulous Uptown Music presenting the Sensational Country Blues Wonders at Moore's Lounge. I'm personally looking forward to checking out the Mod Cup Coffee roaster Warehouse after Groove on Grove. I'm bringing a sleeping bag as I will be DJ-ing at Mod Cup in the [sat] morning. 

Oh more on Saturday, if you aren't looking at the pictures. Wax Darts | Wyldlife | Vomit Face at Lucky's start at 8 pm. You can catch Desir Decir - Papermaker - The American Mercury at the Lamppost. DJ Sub Babes and myself spin a rock n roll disco afterwards

Sunday > JC Bike Ward Tour and after party at 1 pm  Live Music by Sandra Small and the Small World band, The Defending Champs 2 pm, The One and Nines 3pm. 

Volleyball at 1:30 pm Morris Canal Park 

DJ Mike Waffle at Sushi Tango 

sorry you can't expect more listings from this post. I have to Run Fun and host 11 bands this weekend. let me know how your couch feels. 

xo Dancing Anthony