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Friday, May 2, 2014

Cinco de Playa - The Battle of Puebla

Two tons of sand will feel great running through your toes this weekend's beach party at Lucky 7's. Pull out those flip flops and head over for some margarita's and high priced limes. Originally started by a Lucky's Bar Man Neil, the Beach Party used to happen in the dead of winter, this year we moved it to a warmer climate, and hopefully you will take advantage of the temperature appropriateness to don some summer duds. On Saturday night, bands in the sand start at 8 pm with Bongo Surf and the the US of Bugaloo, followed by a DJ The Fine Hawaiians, Chuck Daly and Myself. I'll have some door prizes for anyone appropriately dressed, if I run out of door prizes, we will have to settle for tequila shots. Sunday Night The Emergency Party will be in the life-guard DJ tower. Monday night will be a "official" Cinco de Playa party. The other days still count.

Also on Saturday Night, the Coy Kids play a pre-album release at The Lamp Post with the new JC Supergroup Black Wail, and Polina and the Pyramids. Get a sneak preview, these bans all reprise for May 17th Pushing Up the Daisies Fundraiser at the Cemetery

Today/Now SILVERMAN's annual Cinco De Mayo , which celebrates the Battle of Puebla and not Mexican Independence [09/16]. Outdoor party and parade run til midnight tonight, outside of city hall.  On the inside, and just below my apartment, at Sushi Tango, Vespertine reworks popular songs into a bossa-nova - lounge groove. Set are at 8 pm and 10 pm.

A Beautiful Saturday, will play host to the 4th Street Arts 5th Annual Chili Cook-off Fiesta at Grove Street Plaza. There's delicious chili [you be the judge], a homebrew tent, Live Music By The Big Wake and the Jeremy Wallace Trio , additionally a couple of great food trucks will be on hand as Newark Ave will be closed from Grove Street to Barrow [the City should try that out on a more permanent basis]. First bowl at noon. Expect to see some runners from Art House Productions who will be finishing up the Newport 10k run earlier that day. It's not too late to support their team., as mile for mike they go the distance here in Jersey City.

Sunday, looks to also be a great day, and I'll be on the Volleyball court at the Jetty. MOrris Canal Park at the end of Washington Street. Net goes up at 1:30pm

This Wednesday, The Historic Downtown Special Improvement District [] outdoor weekly music series, Groove on Grove returns for our 7th Season. Although dos dias too late, we will return with our Seite de Mayo Fiesta with Latin Rocker Mas Alla and Puerto Rican Folklorists Segunda Quimbamba. DJ George Soul Fernandez spins in between and The Jersey City Firefighter Bag Pipers will initiate the days fun. Tent or Shine 5:30 pm.

mas aqui


--As bees Drown in Honey at JCity Theater [through May 17th] 
--The Defending Champions, FAN APPRECIATION SHOW AT TIERNEYS TAVERN (FREE Pizza and 100 free cans of PBR!!!)
--P@Atomic with Dogfood and LLC at the Mojo Lounge
--Technically Dancing w/ Pastiche


--Mod Cup with DJ Pastiche
--Kentucky Derby 140th Run for the Roses watch at 9C Tavern
--Artist talk with Dan Witz & Dylan Egon at 529 W 20th Street
--Party for Danielle, Neva and Megan!