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Thursday, September 12, 2013

All I want for my birthday is to play some kickball

Mopeds, Rogaine, still moshing.... could be a mid life crisis going on here ? but I've been doing this for years, and if live til 90 you should expect more of the same.

My birthday is Sunday [yes I'm pulling this card] and the Kickball/Horseshoes Section of the JC Olympics | Sex-tathalon is this Saturday - Saturday - Saturday ["dude I thought it was on Sunday/" ]. Mary Benson Park is reserved for the day and we are continuing our drive to raise money for the JC Recreation Foundation. We've raised $300 so far and it would be nice to double/triple it by days end. We've got about 3 solid team for the day, and even though it's still summer, I'm hearing that's it may snow on Saturday cause some flakes may fall of the roster. Anyway, here's your big chance to have some fun and exercise. Just show up at noon. wear some appropriate shoes and bring $10 we will take care of the rest. Snacks, Food and Music. After, what will be a much needed shower, and before the pain settles in,  I'll be at Lucky's Saturday Night with DJ Mike "Waffle" - Sunday Soundz @ Sushi Tango / JC Wine & Liquors.

Here's the rest of my life in it's 44th year

Tonight - Open Mikes and Ladies Night : craft beers

Open Mikes - The Dopeness : Brightside
Crafty Beer - Barcade Southern Tier Beer Night
Ladies Nights - Lucky 7's with Dancing Tony and other babe emporiums

Friday the 13th

JC TC - Friday the 13th - $13 Tattoo special
JCAS - Summer of Goldblum
DJ Pastiche Birthday Party at Trolley Car
Unlucky Party w/ Brodes & E-mac
PJamites Party @ Dorians - Bollywood Jammer


Susan Murphy & Mario Giacalone in Concert @ Historic JC & Hars Cemetery 3 pm
Tachair Author Event with Micheal Hrdlovic! 7:00pm
Leukemia & Lymphoma Fundraiser @ Port-o 9:00pm
Tra$h eXecutioner @ The Lamp Pos 10:00pm


The Wild Hunk Shack stoop (95 Mercer St) 2:00pm
Cicada Radio / Jaguar Shark / Goddamnit / Tijuana Bibles @Arlene's Grocery 8:00 pm

Friday, September 6, 2013

silent discos and jc fridays

i gotta pull this quicker than wcbs am - you give us 22 minutes .... anyway I've been beating this for the last two weeks so if you still can't hear me or I'm just sitting in your jink box please let me know and 'll let you go

today jc fridays - tons of stuff
thanks to art house productions for making this happen

I'm at grove st for groove on grove finale at 5 pm
Bryan Benninghove's Hangmen - Kiwi - gazelle - The One and Nines - Rebeca Vallejo Trio

58 Coles Street - Maurizio | Joe Valez - GP's | I love Greenville | Narcisco @ White Star | Uno @ Dopeness | Hamilton Park - Silverman stuff | Steam Cafe | Uptown Jazz @ Moore's Lounge | yeah can't mention it all that what this site is for -  tell you what I'll throw in in good weather


six beats under @ hist JC & Harsimus cemetery 4 pm to midnight silent disco at 10 pm
after party at Lucky 7's with Stay Golden Pony Boy and Mr. Blonde

I Love Greenville Day 2
Parks & Crafts @ van Vorst
RNA Flea Market @ Riverview Fisk Park


4th street art and music lot clean up 11 am meet rsvp 4thstreetarts[at]
volleyball at morris canal 1 pm

NEXT WEEK NEXT WEEK Kickball are you in or just sitting on the bench doing nothing ??"???!!!!!