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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Friday, September 6, 2013

silent discos and jc fridays

i gotta pull this quicker than wcbs am - you give us 22 minutes .... anyway I've been beating this for the last two weeks so if you still can't hear me or I'm just sitting in your jink box please let me know and 'll let you go

today jc fridays - tons of stuff
thanks to art house productions for making this happen

I'm at grove st for groove on grove finale at 5 pm
Bryan Benninghove's Hangmen - Kiwi - gazelle - The One and Nines - Rebeca Vallejo Trio

58 Coles Street - Maurizio | Joe Valez - GP's | I love Greenville | Narcisco @ White Star | Uno @ Dopeness | Hamilton Park - Silverman stuff | Steam Cafe | Uptown Jazz @ Moore's Lounge | yeah can't mention it all that what this site is for -  tell you what I'll throw in in good weather


six beats under @ hist JC & Harsimus cemetery 4 pm to midnight silent disco at 10 pm
after party at Lucky 7's with Stay Golden Pony Boy and Mr. Blonde

I Love Greenville Day 2
Parks & Crafts @ van Vorst
RNA Flea Market @ Riverview Fisk Park


4th street art and music lot clean up 11 am meet rsvp 4thstreetarts[at]
volleyball at morris canal 1 pm

NEXT WEEK NEXT WEEK Kickball are you in or just sitting on the bench doing nothing ??"???!!!!!