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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Debating Over What To Do | All You Can Beat(s) Rasta and 4/20 Guide

Tonight Mayoral Hopefuls and Council Candidates debate in four different locations.
Here's the JCI story. I'll be living Large at the At-Large Candidate Debate at School 28, 167 Hancock Ave at 7 pm.

Aftewards. I'll be Living Lucky at Ladies Night at Lucky Sevens. I'll be back there on Saturday 4/20 for a Reggaeton-o-fun Party with Live Music by Free Thought Machine [feat Roland Ramos] and Chris Jof [knotty rocker] and friends. DJ Meghan McKee [WFMU-Underwater Theme Park] and special Guest Music Mon join me for an Irie Good Time.

OK also tonight Thursday Barcade Celebrates the Terrible Twos with some oysters and brew. Cicada Radio and KIds with Guns is at DC's | Don't YOu know I'm LOCO at Boca Grande

Friday Overlake & Wax Darts @ Maxwells

Also on 4-20 It's Beatnick Bingo at Art House and a Match Game AIDSwalk fundraiser
Plus Record Store Day at Iris Records with Janet Labelle 2pm | Risk Relay and Real Good at Lamp Post | Thomas Francis @ Clash Bar | Clean up the alleyway with JC artSCHOOL

I know there more to tell - but my time is short right now. Hey why not start your own blog and tell peeps about my events, then see how much free time you have left ? Or Just join me my child and we can rule this jewel