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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Friday, March 22, 2013

The STAGE has been set

Creative Grove returns to Grove Plaza today at 2pm. Ripe with a winetrlude of art, this local art market started by UTA Brauser [Fish with Braids] runs every Friday from 2pm to 8pm. check out if you want in, or just walk by and talk with Uta. hosts EASTERS FUNday. a six foot bunny can't be wrong

The Landmark Loew's Theater kicks off STAGEfest this evening. It's 3 days/night of Theater|Music|Art that makes plays on Multiple Stages throughout the Theater's Atrium, Balcony and maybe even their their old telephone booths. Check for a full listing and tickets.

It's Comedy Night at the Brightside Tavern this evening. Joe Allegro, no relation to the meth cooking antihistamine, but equal parts fun and danger

Tonight, I am prepping for my "if you love something set me free" Stoop Sale. Stuff isn't made for boxes in the basement, Kitchen Tables, Turntables, Man-goods. Bring a table if you want to join me, just bring your won singles. Hourly auctions, stoopid fun. I live across from the bagel shop on the corner of Jersey & Columbus. Sadly, also my longtime room mate, technically he's my husband under common law, DJ William McCamie is moving out this weekend and he's got some audio stuff. FYI : NO BABY CLOTHES or TOYS you can preview stuff here

Saturday Night MOTOR FUNKER spins at the Lamp Post. Next Saturday I'll be using my 1990 scratching skills for this installment of Final Vinyl Saturday. Old Friend Brian Jones and New Blood John Terry help man the decks.

Local Punk Rock Gods POLYABUSE play the Lamppost Saturday night. They are so old school they only have a myspace page . These guys are pros.

Speaking of I am in the process of filling up slots for my spring|summer|fall outdoor music schedule. Groove on Grove kicks of on May 1st with a Cinco de Mayo Kick-off with The United States of Bugaloo and Segunda Quimbamba. Our first of three Fundraiser for THe Hsitoric JC and Harsimus Cemetery starts with May 11th, Pushing Up the Daisies, THe JC Bike Ward Tour after Party is June 3rd. You get the point if you follow these 13 rules of playing in a [punk rock] band 

Returning from SXSW, The Everymen play on Sunday Night with the So So Glos.

Also coming UP...

4th Street Chili Cinco De Mayo Chili Cook off @ Grove Street Plaza SUN 05-05
rules and contestant entry here 

JC Comedy Festival April 1st to the 6th
NOt YOUr Mama's Fool's at LITM April 7th