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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You E-Z Funding for All About Downtown and a One-Man Social Network

The Historic Downtown Special Improvement District has been pumping culture into downtown like a Botox clinic puckers up Los Angeles Lips. However, for the last couple of years money that has been generated through the special economic districts 3.5 % tax rate has been redirected from our local economy back to the state. Not looking to rely solely on that Aid, HDSID generates it's event funding through sponsorship and vendor fees but the redirected funds still leave us with as shortfall. I hope that you will consider making a contribution to to help fund this years All About Downtown Festival on Sept 21st. If you've been at a Groove on Grove Concert, Shopped at the Farmers Market, and want to help local businesses here in Downtown please donate at our You Fund Me Page 

Rock-it - Dancing Tony

I made the news last week, and it wasn't in the police blotter or the obituaries. And my mom is some thing new for the  fridge doord. Thanks Chrsitine Goodman, Greg Brickey, Orlando Reyes, and Jack Halpin for your kind words and Tris McCall for the story. And everyone in my one-man social network.

Tonight, I'm DJing at Lucky's with Snow Ball DJ Soul Global Soul Project  Tuxes are optional. George and I first met at the fames Aldo's Danceclub in Lyndhurst. We start at ten. Earlier in the eve.  Get your Art Swapping on at 479 Manilla for a 479 arts swap, and then maybe head out for the closing party for Norm Kirby's Wonderland at LITM, before thing get all Lovey Dovey on Tuesday Night . Also tonight, They Live | Awkward Girls | Eastern Anchors and the Incredible Pits play If you didn't know, there a parking garage in Maxwell Place [about two blocks away] one. you can tailgate, and two. it's only $5 for a 3 hours block of time, which beat the thirty minutes you spent looking for a spot.

Sext week things are going to get real hot in anticipation of roses and chocolate. The Tiny Giant Winter Beach Ball rolls through four venues, over three days, and three counties. Fridays [Court Tavern-NuBrunswick] Saturday [Asbury Lanes-Park] Sunday [Lampost-JC] &[Maxwell's]. I'll be hosting Lucky's Mardi Gras | V-day Party on Saturday The Defending Champs and Electronica Local Annelise Collette start parade at 8 pm DJ's Stay Golden Pony Boy and Mr. Blonde finish the route. With the real Valentine's falling on Thursday Night, I'm going to need to rethink Ladies Night :)

Thanks JC