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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Saturday, November 12, 2011

on a nutshell.......

sat: got my best flannel for a post midnight 90's dj set for me at lucky seven's. mad mad madia party  are taking over Moishe's Moving / Mana Downtown  tonight. 22nd Annual Cathedral Arts Festival at grace church, don't who knows who's playing at the lamp post , who is zac? , probably someone I know.. check your facebook that's why you signed up sorry. not my job.. it's your move. Happy Birthday Harold !!

sunday: volleyball noon to 4pm. or just sleep late. again it's your move

coming up next monday : 21st Annual Pagan Thanksgiving
coming up friday after thanksgiving : We Come in Peace Annual House Party get your costumes ready.

thursday dec 1st : Hiroshi Kumagai at 58 [preview 6 to 9 pm]
jcfridays dec 2nd : Charlie Afro Sheen, The Micks, and The One and Nines at 58
dec 3rd : a DJ Leonard Small Birthday [live performance by Thomas Francis Takes his Chances]

dec 10th : a moonlight mile christmas