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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

JC Sporting for Good or Dodgeball Tournament May 14th

Hey All,

Spring is starting to spring back;  T-shirts, shorts and high socks, you know what I am talking about here;  Yep Dodgeball, my friends. Saturday May 14th (raindate May 15th) at the Skate Park by the White Star Bar. This event is the premier event for JC Sporting for Good, a project that I started with Ms. Elise Glaser, she's putting her sorority fundraising skills to work as we look to raise money for the Grove Street Bike Rehab Program. You see, for the past two years Grove Street Bikes has refurbished nearly 300 donated and used bikes, those bikes were then recycled into transportation, mobility, and exercise for people in need. The tournament will raise money to defer to the cost of refurbishing, storing and transporting the bikes. In addition, if you know of an organization or group that could use bikes shoot me an email or contact Mike Wilson at grove street bikes.

Ok Dodgeball, maybe a little scary, but you can wear a helmet, or dress like the riot police if necessary. or those guys from the Capital One Commercial (no real knives though), we are giving out prizes to the winners AND the losers.  its a fundraiser!  not the Olympics, okay maybe we called it the Olympics, but that was just for fun. Here's the deal if I haven't lost you; $100 team of six, three gals, three guys, you can have up to ten people on your roster. $15 for lone warriors, we will set you up on a team. email jcsportingforgood(at) or email me or text me 973-219-9696 or call me 201-324-2886. Team registration fees need to be paid in advance, we need your money,  even if you decide the night before to break your own drinking record. Speaking of,  Drink special from the White Star all day and Survivor's dance party that night at Lucky Seven's.

To get you in the sporting mind, we have Volleyball Sunday's starting back up entering into our 11th season, these Sunday games have left such a mark that the permanent loss of grass can be seen from satellite images. We play at Morris Canal Park, aka the Jetty, aka the Pennisula. or Right Here Set up is at 12:30. All levels are welcome to play, this a a fun days that is only sometimes ruined by sore losers, so you do need to bring effort, don't let anyone tell you otherwise :).

I'll end the sports talk here

Tomorrow (W) is the Board of Education Elections : The polls open at 7 am and close at 9 pm. Downtown Councilman and Mayoral Hopeful Steve Fulop is urging citizens to vote No on the budget and is recommending three candidates . One Jersey City has two candidates they are pushing. The Jersey City Independent has a Great Meet the School Board Candidate feature, plus a bunch of political ads you can click on. The main part here is this is a real opportunity to begin the transition out of the current regime and party domination of this city. This dictatorship is boring and exhausting the city. Hey thanks for spending all of the money from the boom days, oh what we are f@cking broke and selling the museum for a $1. I'll buy it, hold on I don't buy it !

Okay as the city struggles, real groups that don't have the benefit of a budget line are trying to raise money and keep Jersey City Alive, so head over to the Cemetery this Saturday for their annual Earth Day / Arbor Day Celebration. for all the info.