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Friday, October 29, 2010

Ghost of Uncle Joe's Party FYI's or My Last Will and Testaments

Although there won't be a quiz, I wanted to make sure you zombies and ghouls are all experts on this Saturday's Fundraiser.

+++ Please be respectful of the cemetery grounds and those persons in attendance in spirit +++++

DO NOT Smoke around the graveyard. Smoke in the driveway area only and DO NOT LITTER
DO NOT Lean on, sit on, play on the Gravestone. Most of them are older than you.
BE CAREFUL walking the grounds of  the cemetery. The walkways are old and some of the ground has settled. DO NOT - DO NOT go into any restricted areas as there are dangerous and most likely have poison ivy as well.

The event is outdoors,  and it starts at 5 pm and ends at 10 pm. It's a fundraiser for the Cemetery. (since you are not the charity please donate $10.) You need to be 18 to enter and will need to sign a waiver to enter.

Set Times : 5:15 Motorhead, 6:00 REM, 6:45 Neutral Milk Hotel, 7:30 The Descendents, 8:15 The Misfits, 9:00 The Cramps.

Parking. Please park your car down the hill from the cemetery. There is no Parking on Newark Ave.

Food and Drinks  Lucinda's Crepe truck will be on hand serving food until 9:30 pm. Yes,  I rented a porto-potty. You can BYOB to this event. We will also have ghoulish libations available.

ZOMBIE AFTERLIFE PARTY at the LAMP POST with Six Six Six to Eight Mathematics and the Bloodwave Surfers afterwards . DJ Scottie " escape if you can" FREE and Rigormortus Tony. Drink Specials. Prizes and the lot.

Other spooky stuff this weekend.

FRIDAY : Late Night Curiosities at ART HOUSE PRODUCTIONS 10:30 pm and Midnight $5 donation
SATURDAY : Circus at Parlay Studios | Burlesque, Live Music 9 pm $10 donation
SUNDAY : Halloween - yeah this would actually be the real deal. Stay Dressed