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Friday, August 27, 2010

JC Kickball Tourney This Weekend Sat and Sunday

Thansk Everyone who came out to the Last Band Standing Last Sunday.
Competition continue to roll at this weekend's KickBall Torney | a benefit for the Learning Community Charter School and the Roberto Clemente Little League.

Here's the Schedul and Rules.
It's not to late to join in. Show up at noon and join the K-Team $15.
10 am set-up

11 :00 Game 1 : White Star (PDR) vs Human Centipedes

12 :30 Game 2 : Lucky Sevens vs the K Team (Scab Team)

1 :45 Game 3 : Kuntballers vs. Human Centipedes

3 :30 Game 4 : the K Team vs Dads (TFTHC)

4:45 Game 5 : Bar Brawl" Luckys vs White Star

6:00 Game 6 : Kuntzballers vs Dads

7:30 All Star Game Night Game

Sunday Playoffs

The top 4 teams play. Placement will be based upon wins, then runs scored, then runs scored against, then penalties.

12:00 1st place vs 4th place
1:15 2nd place vs 3rd place
2:30 Chumpionship Match
3:45 Championship Match
5:00 Award Ceremony

Confirmed Teams

Kuntzballers | Democratic People's Republic of the White Star | The Human Centapedes |
Lucky 7's | Dads | The K Team

Jersey City Kickball Rules

This event is a benefit for to children's organization, Have fun like kids just don't act like a baby or bully.
No Bouncies. Pitched balls may not be fired down towards home plate and shall not be excessively bouncy. Teams can force a change in pitcher once an inning by shouting "we want a pitcher, not a belly itcher (three times)".

Kickers must kick the ball behind or on home plate. Kickers can not come into contact with a ball before it reaches home plate. Balls hit in front of the plate are considered foul.

No Bunting. A ball must reach half the distance to first base to be considered fair. Bunt Balls are foul. 2 Foul Balls and you are out.

A Runner is out by force, but can also be called out if hit with the ball. Hitting a player in the face or any no-touch region will be considered safe and be awarded the base. Intentionally hitting a player in the face or jewels with the ball will lead to an expulsion from the game or tournament.

One Base Per Overthrow Balls that miss the base for a force out or miss the runner allow the player (and any other runners) to advance one extra base only. Runners can not advance when the pitcher has control of the ball on the mound.
No Leading “ Players may only leave the base once the ball is kicked. Players that advance before the ball is put into play will be considered out.

Teams must have minimum of eight players, and a maximum of 10 players on the field. Players substituted during a game can not return to play.

Teams must have at least 4 women with two women playing in the infield (excluding the catcher) Teams with less than 4 women will be penalized 2 runs per women difference in team rosters. For example : if one team fields 4 women and the opposing team fields 2 women. The team with the least amount of women will begin with the score of -4 runs.
Each Game consists of 5 innings or 45 minutes. Tie games shall be decided by sudden-death, best of three rock-paper-scissors play.
Each Team has 10 kickers per inning. The inning is finished when the last batter is called out or the ball is placed on home plate. If the ball is caught for an out or the runner is out at first base, no runs scored will count. If a team has less than 10 players, the kicking order will continue through the top of the order as long a four women (or the number of female kickers from the opposing team) have already kicked. If there is a difference then the next kicker will be a female from that team.) The first kicker for each inning is the corresponding kicker for each inning. For instance, the first kicker in the order kicks first in the first inning, the Third kicker in the order kicks first in the third inning. Capice ?

Weather Permitting, players who reach first base are awarded with a water balloon that can be used for defensive base running. It is recommended that each team have a first base coach to hand a water balloon to a player who shall reach past first base on their initial kick. Players who reach second or third base without getting a water balloon when passing first shall not be provided with a water balloon. Water Balloons should also not be throw at a persons face. While supplies last. No waterguns or Artic Freezers please.

Shoes and Attire - Players can not wear any type of cleats or boots or any such item or accessories that may cause injury to another player or the kickball.

Big Ball Inning : We will be using a 8.5 regulation kickball for most of the game. But one inning during the game, a 16 in mega ball will be used, the kicking team chooses when.

Double or Nothing Scoring: One time per game a kicker may signal “double or nothing” the call must be acknowledged by the referee and the opposing teams captain or pitcher. During this play any runs that score shall count as double points. However, if any runner is out during the play, all of the runner are out and no runs shall count.

SPORTSMANSHIP : The referees' word in final. Excess arguing with the referee will lead to first a warning (yellow card) and then second ejection (red card).


Alcohol is prohibited in the park. The white star is right across the street. Plan according and do not be that stupid asshole that brings beer onto the field.

There is to be no smoking on the field or in the dugout either.