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Saturday, July 3, 2010

the american way

Jersey City may be cutting it's budget on Fireworks (actually, they have been canceled) but that doesn't equate to us cancelling the annual July 4th BBQ and Volleyball. NOPE, it means another DIY opportunity in Jersey City.

Jersey City Festival of Lights Party (no relation to the Hannukah)

Dance party

Noon to Doom. (set-up at 11 am)

Folks here's what we need to do, without burning down half of Jersey City, we need to illiminate the coast. So bring flash lights, colored lights, glow sticks, and think abourt a way that we let launch a giant, illuminated balloon to let Macy's know that we blew our fireworks money on crack. :) JC's infamous Illuminiationist NORM FRANCOUR filling the minivan. I plan to bring a generator so we have a power source.

If all goes according to plans once dusk comes, we will have an illuminated, karaoke, dance party on the waterfront.

WHAT TO BRING (text me or message below)

Bring Games :

We have the volleyball net set up, but only 12 people can play at once so check your parents garage for :
Horseshoes, Paddleball, Bocce, Frisbee

Bring Food for the BBQ:
We will have two grills :

I am marinating a coupel of london broils and veggies for the griil. Burgers and Hot Dogs are covered, but how about some chicken, or somefunky type of sausages, veggie burgers ? or better yet help cook.

Bring something to drink : 

I am bringing two cases of water and soda, and making some lemonade. Jersey City Police frown upon bringing a keg to the park so use your f*cking brain folks and maybe make some punch. also we will most likely Big Red Plastic cups 16oz.

Help DJ ?
Help Clean-up ?
Help Norm set-up his lights ?

If you haven't gotten the point yet, if your idea of contributing to a group is just showing up with a pack of cigarettes, do me a favor and find another BBQ. Thanks I love you Jersey City but it's time you got your sh+t together
Message up on what you can Bring.
973-219-9696 cell