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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fridays First.

Congrats to Balance Hair Salon on raising $1,000 with their Haircuts for Haiti fundraiser last Sunday, not only did they raise money for a needy cause,  but 50 people in the neighborhood now look Groovier ! Haircuts and styles may be the medium to express one self, but this Friday evening you can get a sneak preview of Hair Tactics at the Target : First Fridays at the Jersey City Museum. The group show features texts written in hair, fancy hair motifs used to decorate a love letter, extravagant and multi-colored wigs, drawings featuring hair-covered bodies, and ladies with elaborate up-dos.  Entrance to the museum is free, with hands on crafts for the families from 5 pm to 7pm. The evening is complimented with a wine tasting by Terlato Wines and some ice cold ones compliments of the White Star  DJ Neil McCoy is filling in for Street Justice (who was summoned to duty at Maxwells) with music in the atrium. At 7 pm, Heather Duby and Higgins perform in the 151 seat auditorium ($8 for JCM members, $10 without).

Music doesn't stop on Friday Night, and in fact is the theme for m11x's Urban Audio Manifesto #3. at 58. 58 Gallery proudly presents the third part of Mikal Hameed’s sound art series entitled “Urban Audio Manifesto #3”. In this exhibit, Mikal Hameed reinvents how we see, hear and interact with art. His interactive “plug and play” works allow the audience to plug their smart devices (vinyl, phones, mp3, ipods etc.) directly into the art. This creates a participation based viewer experience, that lets the audience act as the DJ or sound controller. Hameed’s imaginative and inspiring works utilize vintage sound components and transform them into something modern, unique and completely interactive. Don't expect any DJ's for this opening, the artwork is you DJ,  it's a plug and play party so bring your wax, ipods, etc.

Afterwards,  we will be heading to Porto Lounge for a Bossa Nova after party with DJ Willliam McCamie. Those still looking for some Mint Tunes, should head to Maxwell's for the Mint 400 records showcase. Any Day Parade and Fairmont take the later spots. Say hello to Street Justice.

My apologies to Thursday, for skipping over you. I know we had spent most of today together and all I talk about is my longing for Friday. well Thursday, we still have today, and I know this may sound too forward, but I would like to start our with us getting naked. Of course, I don't me me and you, but actually obtaining nakedness with a Figure Drawing Class at the Jersey City Art School. If you feel uncomfortable with this, we could always go up to Art House Productions, for their Art House open mike and catch Uninvited and maybe take our own 5 minutes of performance ?  This all seems very funny I know, but I was actually thinking that I would love to take you out for for some comedy in the city tonight ?  Pat Byrne's comedy group the Upset Triangle is doing an unplugged show at the People's Improve Theatre. Joining the comedy troupe will be comedian Seth Herzog and Musician Vic Ruggiero ! Plus it's the ever comical Nick Fierro's debut performance. The afterwrads, we can head back to Luckys and  get you some Ladies Night specials. I on the other hand may need to see Chuck Daly for a Man Party.

(see Friday at start)

Saturday (one day before the Big Game) Is it possible to enjoy a night if you aren't an Saint or Colt. Of course, and Surely Betty will enjoy her birthday at the Lamp Post. Frankie & The Bugs start the celebration off and the make room for a a 12 band Punk Rock tribute by the Subway Surfers. That right 12 f+cking bands all wrapped into 4 dudes. It may be a good way to wipe out your popcorn addled brain from watching the Room at art House productions earlier in the evening. From WIKIPEDIA: The Room is a 2003 independent film written and directed by its star, Tommy Wiseau, who is also credited on screen as both the movie's producer and executive producer...The Room tells the melodramatic story of a love triangle between a man, his future wife, and his best friend. Without any studio support, Wiseau spent over $7 million on production and marketing for the film. Wiseau promotes the film as a black comedy and insists that its humor is actually intentional, although cast members have publicly disputed these claims and many audience members generally view the film as a poorly-made drama.  The Room has been cited by some critics as one of the worst films ever made, and has been called 'the Citizen Kane of bad movies.' After a brief run in Los Angeles, the film went on to develop a cult following..."  Heckling and popcorn throwing is encouraged.

Saturday also features a fundraiser for the Creative Grove Art Market at the Mary Bensen Gallery (369 3rd Street) The Frequent Friday Art Market, founded by Fish with Braids owner, Uta returns in warmer weather, coem out and suppport this neighborhood treasure . Expect wild outfits for this event.  It is Fasching, Karneval or Mardi Gras season!!Germans use any excuse to party. Most people actually. suggested $12 donation includes 2 drinks. There are prizes for best costume with a Colorful psychedelic projections by Elmgrove on dancing Elizabeth. Carnival is a pagan tradition adopted into Christian religions,originally intended to chase away bad spirits. Masks, tamtam with loud noises, and wild gestures should help the villages and cities free of threatening spirits. all through Europe, the Caribbean, south america and New Orleans it is celebrated, a long season from new years to Fat Tuesday!!

Besides the numerous Superbowl Parties for Sunday ( just walk into a bar or any person's house with a TV) Sunday is not totally devoted and devoid of other events. the Warehouse at 140 Bay hosts a brunch with dj Tomorrow, while Kelly Saint Patrick performs from 1 pm to 3pm at Made with Love from 3 pm to 5pm there is an art opening for Sweet Stitching's by Ashley Lucas. Those looking for a true alternative to the Big Game can hit up LITM's movie Princess Monoke and and Spirited away. Shoot me an email if you wantto know where I'll be cooking my trademark wings for The Superbowl.

If you didn't know it's Hudson Restaurant Week until the 12th. Here's the listing for Price Fixed 3 and 4 course meals .  Perhaps in response to this weekend Super Bowl. Next Week is Valentine's Day and President's Day on Monday the 15th.  I am gearing up for a sing your heart out Valentine Karaoke Party at the Love Post. It's going to be Mad Cupid !

If you are in the market to buy roses, diamonds, or a new Mercedes for your significant other but lack the resources, I got this great email from a local artist about Census Jobs. I took the test a couple of weeks ago, and once I give them a better detailed explanation of Question #23 I hope to come to your house. Here's his email.

I am a Jersey City resident and struggling artist. And have been receiving your helpful emails since I met you two summers ago when I met you at a Groove on Grove event (Any Day Parade). Anyway, The following info is rather dry but I wanted to Give you the heads up in case your followers and/or guests to the website and sponsored events might find it as helpful as I did.

You see I had been out of work for over six months and was about to  financially implode when I got this sweet gig with the Census Bureau. So, If you know anyone who needs a full time paycheck or just some extra part time cash, let them know about this.
The Census Bureau needs people from OUR community to record OUR numbers in order to serve US. The Census determines the number seats WE have in the House of Representatives and shape boundaries for state and local legislative and congressional districts which in turn helps determine how much Federal and State money WE get and where NEW SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS, and other COMMUNITY FACILITIES are placed. On a more personal note it is where someone like me can get a GOOD PAYING, FLEXIBLE job between gigs. I took the test last month and am thrilled to doing community outreach now (despite my aversion to  politics and the state of our 'union'). It's interesting, engaging work and I'm getting Paid $20.50 an hour.
There is plenty of work out there, and that the hiring process is very  simple. You just call 866-861-2010 to schedule a test at a time and location most convenient to you (registration, instruction, and testing takes about an hour total). The test is for basic skills in math, reading, and mapping. Simple stuff. A sample of which is found at .

Dont Forget :

Thomas Francis Takes His Chances Friday Feb12th at Maxwells
4th Street Chili Cook off at Parlay Studios Sun Feb 21st
LCCS Dodgeball Fundraiser Sat Feb 28th