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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I think I got it... now let me tell you about it -

Hey Campers. I just spoke with Roland Ramos and Camp Jammy-Land is still on for this weekend. It's a weekend worth of melodical momentum with a 24 hour jam session. Call the Birthday Boy at 201-394-9891 if you want to get in it's $25 for the weekend. As for Sunday, Cootah is keeping an mouse click on the Weather Channel to make sure his BBQ and Kickball Game wont be washed out, if so a rain date will be in the works, running in the same parrelel universe Sunday's Volleyball will out.

Start our Saturday Spinning for Life at Club H. The event is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Spin Master Larissa Drennan has some slots open at 1 pm if you need brunch first. On Friday May 30th, The Garden State Rollergirls have their 3rd Annual Charity Bout for the American Cancer Society. This weekend you can also help support the Historic Loews Theatre by attending their Legendary Laughs films on Friday and Saturday. And even with our own municipal election almost over, you can help Support the Charismatic Crusading Raverend Bill Talen in his efforts to win the New York City Mayoral Election at Fundraiser at the Lex Leonard Gallery.

There are a couple of Art Adventures coming up. This Friday, Es Oro Gallery opens their season with The Division Bell (Black and Blue) explores the difference between between Black immigrants and African American Culture. On Saturday, you can catch artists and businesses at the Everything Jersey City Festival in the Heights. Uta from Fish with Braids Gallery has worked with City (HDSID and Cultural Affirs) to start a weekly art market at the Grove Street PATH. The first event is scheduled for the 22nd and Artist looking to get involved can check out You can also show and hustle your art ways the the First Annual Village Flea Artket Sunday May 31st, or get involved in Jersey City's Cultural Arts Festival at Liberty State Park on June 7th. Artists can Contact Greg Brickey at Cultural Affairs Tel (201) 547-6921. Applications are due on May 20th get a move on. Artists, I am also looking for someone to design my Rocki-it Docket Logo. I don't have much to offer you but good exposure and some official merchandise when it comes out (excluding the Rock-it Docket Porsche).

Speeding things up to tonight (R), DJ Hells yeah plays an early unique song set at JC's hottest Venue the Made with Love Organic Bakery. Really, every Saturday Night you can check out Live Jazz, R&B, or Tango. There's a link to teh right by Luckys and the Lamppost. I've got my gig at the Lamppost tonight(R) , I have to delay a full on Karaoke Party until the 28th. I am working on some new songs and don't have all of my glitter ready. Thursday will be a celebratory affair at Luckys though. Mrs. Leonard Smalls will be on hand celebrating her 20 th B-Day. Street Justice is at DC's in Hoboken for an all vinyl sound slam. and Tris McCall is in (his) My Teenage Stride at the Cake Shop tonight (R) . They return with Pow Wow for the Cake Shop's 4th Anniversary show on Saturday Night. Check the schedule because it's a 16 band 44 song set.

On Friday Night, Mr. Badger and Friends are at the IMAC, Saturday Night, Brooklyn's Ben Franklin joins, Kilsy and the Frozen Gentlemen at the IMAC. The Pocono's are at the Lamppost Saturday Night. Brendan Kibbie plays Jazz at Made With Love. Also on Friday, At Tierney's tavern in Montclair, Lucky Seven's Tuesday Night Showcaser's Deivito!, Bern & the Brights, Tip Canary, McMickle Brothers

As for Sunday, go back to the top it's one big circle from here. But don't forget about Grassroots Community Space's Sunday Soulful Potluck Dinner. On Monday's tehy have a Middle Eastern Dance Session.

This Wednesday it's Miss Ohio and the Curvey Straights at Groove on Grove.