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Monday, February 11, 2008

making great music together (updated 02-16-08)

OK. you got 36 hours to buy the diamond pendant, a dozen roses, and a pregnancy kit. Good luck lovers. But, if you really want to pick up something already used before , Come out to a thread Swap on 169 Christopher Columbus atJersey at Jayne (l7) and Christina's. Although mostly ladies may be parusing the contents, guys can can still get your swap on by bringing beers and playing Mr. Mirror. Things start at 8:16, and any left over clothes will be donated to teh Salvation Army via Iroc-z. On Saturday, JC Bridge and Pummel Captain, Layla Smackdown, is hosting a Portland, Or-all-gone sale in the heights . It's an all must go sale-a-bration.

Unfortunatley (for us) , also finding a new home in Portland is Jersey City's Best Tea Shop Ever. Janam. Mark your calander's for Super Send-off on Sunday February 24th. The Tea will always be available on-line, just the walk will be longer. Earlier on that Sunday, The JC Museum is hosting Threads : A Wearable Art Fashion Show.

Well that's the pretty parts for now. The Gritty Part is WJ & The Sweet Sacrifice, The Bamboo Kids, and Fallen Angel (Billy Filo) play at Maxwell's tonight. Later on, get Jilted by Ralph (Mr. Camel Town) real anti valentine's day dj stint at Maxwell's. Street Justice is behind the taps.

Of course, the un-real anti- valentine's day is still on the 14th. Work is almost done on the bacteria free kissing boothe. We now have the 3 barstools needed for the Dating Game. Bring your best break-up letter for whiskey shots and a picture of your ex for the dart board.
. A Karaoke Dance party of Mozz and The Smiths by DJ's The Cat Juggler and Snack Attack. We'll also have a group of love songs to grapple with.

If pouting over lost love isn't your thing for Valentine's Day. You can check out Chico Mann at Crash Mansion on Valentine's Day instead. Or Rebecca Valejo at the Bowery Poetry Club. Chico Mann also plays Saturday Night in Brooklyn. Lismore plays on Friday Night @ HUGS

Flaming Fire has just released a new CD titled Kentuky Shroud. Armed with a new line-up the band puts practice to the test on Friday Night at Union Pool in Brooklyn. And on Saturday American Watercolor Movement and the Dragons of Zynth help celebrate the new CD at Maxwell's. Headliners, The Dragons of Zynth are a fierce Psych Rock Band. Come early the line-up is all good.

Inside the city line, Punk Rockers Guilt Trip play the Iron Monkey with the Meltdowns playing at the Lamp Post. On Sunday Night Mikey V-M (American Watercolor Movement and Sophelia) plays an acoustic set at Janam. The Black Hollies are throwing out a New CD at Maxwells with The Coffin Daggers and The Insomniacs in support. Show starts Sharp at 8:30.

If you have clothes cluttering your closet and taking over your room its time to sort and swap...Haul all your unwanteds to Christina's apartment (my totally awesome "across the hall" neighbor) on Wednesday February 13th.Bring anything and everything:-Clothes-Dresses-Coats-Shoes-Purses-Belts-Etc.Anything left over will be donated to the salvation army...We encourage you to bring friends & booze.Dudes are welcome too but we aren't sure how much guy stuff there will be so get in touch with us.Afterwards we'll all go out for drinks... Anti-Valentines party @ Lamp Post with Steph behind the bar helping us forget why we're there. Oh and the infamous Cigarette Ralph is DJing too!!!DATE: February 13th (Wednesday)TIME: 8:15pmLOCATION: 169 Christopher Columbus Drive Apt. 4L Jersey City, NJ(Corner of Columbus Dr. and Jersey Ave.)

Back from a very successful series of performances in Europe and, after an always inspiring fist week of flamenco festival in NYC (, it's time to get a little "flamencoish" myself Symphonics Live presentsDIA FLAMENCOFeaturingIsabel del Dia - Dance & PalmasTalia Gonzalez - Dance & PalmasJed Miley - GuitarRebeca Vallejo - Voice & PalmasThursday February 14th, door open at 7pm@ The Bowery Poetry Club(Bowery btwn Bleecker & Houston)$8 cover chargeA performance full of music with fire and passion: not a bad way to spend your Valentine's dayLots of loveRebeca Vallejo

Feb 15 2008
11:00P Lismore
Williamsburg, New York

Howdy! Flaming Fire is playing in Brooklyn on Friday and Hoboken on Saturday! We're going to have TWO crazed and revelrous CD release parties for "Kentucky Shroud," the album that we're releasing with WFMU's help--they're our first shows around home since last summer! Hope you can make it, the other bands are really amazing: Dragons of Zynth, Beat Circus, American Watercolor Movement, Jared Whitham, Unicornicopia, Nat Benjamin from the Flesh. We have three new members, musicians we've been fans of forever--Polly Watson from Crimson Sweet, Chris Talsnes from Tra La La, and Stirling Krusing of Marianne Nowottny. FF fzar Zach Layton will be doing futuristic, crazy kinetic projections. We're gonna drink a lot and party down with you guys, and it's gonna be a blast. Also, the Maxwell's show is one of the few 18 and up shows we've done in a while, which will be nice. See you this weekend! Love,Patrick P.S. If you want to order our album, you can. Try it on iTunes or get one of those old fashioned CDs at BROOKLYN SHOW ON FRIDAYFeb. 15, 8 PMFlaming Fire (we're headlining, probably going on at 10:30)Beat CircusUnicornicopiawith MC Jared Whithamprojections by Zach Layton$8 HOBOKEN SHOW ON SATURDAYFeb. 16, 9 PMDragons of ZynthAmerican Watercolor MovementFlaming Fire (we're second, probably going on at 10)Nat Benjamin (The Flesh)with MC Jared Whitham$8 Info About Bands Below: FRIDAY:BEAT CIRCUS"Beat Circus has created a singular intriguing sonic identity by filtering certain bizarre old-time American and European pre-jazz styles through a progressive contemporary fearlessness" -- Weekly Planet..."They could be the house band from the dark carnival in Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes." -- Creative Loafing UNICORNICOPIA"Natalie Weiss has been creating music as Unicornicopia since 2001. This experimental pop project has manifested itself as everything from a full length musical, complete with 14 singing dancing puppeteers, to one-woman electronic sound sculpture. Natalie wants very much to use all sorts of noises and beats and colors to turn people on to Jesus and emotion!" MC JARED WHITHAMRecent Florida transplant to Jersey City Jared Whitham has performed with rock bands far and wide. He makes us jump up and down and clap like 4-year-olds! His performances in the past have included teleportation, songs about extra-dimensional theme restaurants and puppetry. He is currently finishing up the first season of "The Jared Whitham Show," featuring acts like Carla Rhodes, Dame Darcy, Marianna Nowottony, and Flaming Fire. The series is produced by Nick Zedd and Stephen Connolly of Pothole Skinny. Whitham has also filmed over 5,000 hours of Florida garage sales. ZACH LAYTONLayton is a genius from the future who creates really cool-looking projections through technological means so advanced, you will never understand how he does it. Layton explains: "My intention is to use sound as a form finding technique which will be represented in 2 dimensional space in the form of video projections as well as a series of large format prints, in 3 dimensional virtual space, and ultimately in 3 dimensional physical space. Through the use of CNC milling and printing machines, this technique has made it possible to execute and physicalize these advanced geometries. The topology of the air which is imprinted by the index of sound will be represented and left as a physical trace in the surface topology of the chosen materials, (which will show a heavy emphasis towards reflective materials). Kinetic 2 dimensional forms created through the process will be projected against the physical assemblage, creating a hybrid form of sculpture, cinema and sound." SATURDAY:DRAGONS OF ZYNTH"I've been asked a bunch of times, by various friends and loved ones who hear me do nothing but hype these guys, what exactly Dragons of Zynth's sounds like. The task is hopeless: "Coronation Thieves" is just one of those albums that lives inside its own twisted metaverse, where free jazz and neo-soul collide with late-'60s psychedelia and punk to form what in the end is an utterly unique experience. " - Karl Birmelin, Prefix Magazine AMERICAN WATERCOLOR MOVEMENT" : The Mustachio Suite
NAT BENJAMIN (OF THE FLESH)The Flesh: "Orgasm-inducing" (VICE)...."Their unique mix of post-punk techniques, gothic aesthetics, new romantic flavours, and pretty much any other style of music they've ever gobbled up in their collective subconscious, is their ace in the hole...a thoroughly enticing lot." (ALTERNATIVE ULSTER UK)..."The Flesh has produced a distinct sound, both beautifully soulful, funky, and a bit creepy." (CNN) " FLAMING FIRE“ This is what could have been for the Manson 'Family' in Brooklyn. Discord reigns on Flaming Fire’s "Kentucky Shroud," a jarring cacophony of sounds manufactured by leader Patrick Hambrecht and his apostles (among them, his wife, Kate). There’s a lot of growling and groaning and angry spitting throughout the album, but somehow the Manson family-manqué manage to charm through their admittedly frightening veneer. ” - Nick Haramis, Black Book "If anything, Flaming Fire, a New York apocalyptic-cabaret supergroup, is the exact opposite of Polyphonic Spree: a red-clad horde sent to banish any mellow vibes such a namby-pamby group might have left behind from its show the previous evening. (Ahem!) They're the Jonestown answer to the Danielson Famile, the Mansonic answer to The Winans -- and the retort to any other uplifting, clap-your-hands gospel outfit you can name." - Manny Theiner, Pittsburgh City Paper "We're happy to announce that WFMU-stalwarts Flaming Fire have released a recording of a live set from the first show in the Free Music Series under a Creative Commons license! This is a grand experiment in independent, direct licensing. Together we're going to help prove that free licensing can help a band spread the word on the web. They're also wading in Radiohead waters by releasing these tracks on a new CD along with 5 other studio recordings, and they'll be selling them on the tour that they just kicked off this week. The album's called "Kentucky Shroud", and you can buy it on their website. (I've got a physical copy right here in my lap and my head wrapped in sound as I write - the album's incredibly good.)" - Marcus Estes, WFMU

Big weekend coming up! Get out and get on it!!!SaturdayFebruary, 16 2008 at Iron Monkey THE BLOOD REDS ( TRIP! ( Greene Street. Corner of York., Jersey City, New Jersey 07302FREEEEEEEE

THE ANTI-VALENTINE'S DAY PARTY.w/ DJ CIGARETTE RALPH- Our very own Camel cigarette dude. Ralph used to deejay a Jersey strip club. You could even be finding your own Valentine with those kind of jams. Does someone have a mic?*FEB 20th 2008- DR. LORENZ (WFMU)*WED FEB 27TH- ANDREA WK ( ) (****WED MARCH 5th-WFMU SUPER VOLUNTEER THERESE MAHLER & VICKY RIMMERMAN***

Won't you come and break a sweat with us? Come dance with Chico Mann!2/14 ThursdayCrash Mansion199 Bowery (at Spring St)NY, NY10pm$5with The Mariella Show and DJ Nickodemus2/16 Saturday Lucky Cat245 Grand (btwn Driggs & Roebling)WilliamsburgBrooklyn, NY10pm$5 and also...2/27 Wednesday Black Betty 366 Havemeyer (at Metropolitan) Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY11pmFree

REDSAW GALLERY presents: An exhibit at the Arts Guild of Rahway in Rahway, New JerseyRedsaw in RAHWAYwith works by:Daniel Brophy Erika Diamond, Matthew Gosser, Ryan Higgins, Corey Jefferson, Kevin Merkel,William Oliwa Alexandra Pacula,Katalin Vilim,Joe Waks,Polina Zaitseva, ,Curated by: Lowell Craig, Asha ,,anpat,,Seth Goodwin, DC Smith,February 17 - March 14, 2008Reception: ,Sunday February 17, 1 - 4 PM,,Arts Guild of Rahway 1670 Irving Street Rahway, NJ 07065 732-381-7511 For more info - Redsaw's current exhibit: FAKES 27 Mix. REDSAW585 Broad StreetNewark, NJ 07102redsawart@gmail.com