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Friday, November 23, 2007

We Come in PEACE PARTY friday

thank you to everyone who searched for my auto, the Golden Nugget last night, as you may have heard, my car was found without the $500 worth of alcohol I bought for Friday's Party. At least the kids on Columbus Avenue had a good time. it will take them most of the weekend to finish it up. in the spirit of this party I will end this paragraph .

I restocked the booze etc and am setting up for tomorrow.

Here's the deal if you aren't aware.

dress: someone who has come in PEACE ; hippies aliens etc.
time: 9 pm to late door : $5 in costume (rock the theme please it's easy) no costume no party ? there's plenty to drink, eat, and dance. I am hiring a cleaning service after you guys leave so, if $5 is too much for you to pay, then please go kindly somewhere else and spend your money.

dj's : Bill MCCamie, Cootah, astronaut, dancing t, plus you (itunes kitchen) peace out, tony 516 Jersey Ave Jersey City, NJ 07302201fbi-auto 973-219-9696

on more important thing. I really could use some help setting up tomorrow, it's been 2 years since I have had a party at my place so as you can imagine, there a lot of work to be done. call me if you can help set-up

also I could really use some help with


As you can see I have removed all of the events at the Corkscrew. The ower decided he didn't want to have music, dj's, and our bad elemnts in teh bar anymore. go if you need to get your game on.

ON SUNDAY theres a benefit show at MAWXWELL"S .
The Coffin Daggers,, WJ & The Sweet Sacrifice and Mellissa Surach all represent this great cause