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Thursday, August 23, 2007

3 out of 5 ain't bad, good dog needs home

Here's a Trust Your Struggle Story in the Jersey Journal.
The closing party is on Saturday September 8th.

Alright, we have recovered 3 of the 5 stolen mopeds. A special thanks to Henning who called me up on Monday. He had spotted someone on of the two stolen yellow mopeds, I called the cops and sure enough they stopped a kid the next day riding one without a helmut, plates, a license. This was one of the jewels of the collection, so even paying $120 to get it out of the impound lot was worth it. If you do see someone riding another yellow one, please offer the kid $120 and I'll pay you back. I would tell you to just steal the bike back, but with my luck it will be a diferent yellow moped ?

Carla & Kathleen (World of Balance) found a sweet dog, currently named Honey, strange enough, we had actually tried to pick it this dog by the impound lot. Honey is currently staying at my place, but only for a short time. She's about 1 1/2 years old, has her shots and has been spayed. She's is good socially and looks like this. email me at

This week is JC Pride week. Friday Night is an ladies only dance party @ Art House Space 1 McWilliams Place . DJ Hot Rod and mEgan will give the groove, come early, then venture over to L.I.T.M. at midnight for the after party. Saturday is the full on JC Pride Festival from noon until 8 pm. at Exchange Place. The after party is a Hard Grove and The Cage in Hoboken.

If you want to celebrate your virgoness, as well or seperately, The Lamp Post os having a a Virgin extravaganza with DJ Coke (not Pepsi) on Saturday. For something completely new, go to the Ceasers
on Comminipaw. About two blocks away from the Liberty State Park Light Rail Stop. DJ Street Justice rocks it and Luke pours it. Yes there is life outside of downtown.

God all of this information an I didn't get a chance to bring up Shangri-la next Saturday. We have 8 bands confirmed to play the fundraising event for the Grace Church Feed the Hungry Breakfast program. Lismore, The Swigs, The Meltdowns, Sounds of Greg D, Snake Vision, Thunder Kids, Youth Against Nature, Bi-Polar J, Sophelia (awm members), and the Gay Blades have all given up sitting in beach traffic to play. $10 SUGGESTED donation, first band plays at 1 pm. If you would like to volunteer for this event, shoot me an email

Tonight the Swigs, and water under water play at Otto's Shrunken Head Tiki Bar on Manahttan Island. (no Pictured) . And finbally thank you to Olde Ghost, Water under water and Savu Sea for last weeks Rock and Broil Show.

The Full on Details

FRI 8/24 DJ SANDMANLarry and Amy are off getting MARRIED! So we have the most excellent Sandman spinnin' tonight. This guy has SO MUCH COOL STUFF. Your ears will be very happy :-)BARFLY SAT 8/25 DJ Vin w/ Karen Davis *LIVE*Yep, Vin is back and ready to throw down...oops, no battle this time, so he'll win uncontested. Local singer/ songwriter Karen Davis is awesome, and you should come and see her at 11:00.ANTI MONDAY SUNDAY W/ CHUCK D. AND BRETT W.The only place to be on a Sunday night doubt about it.Fighting the good fight in da Heights,JC

100% real dirty ass Rock N Roll...SATURDAY, AUGUST 25th, 8pm -3am.Caesar's Bar- 339 Communipaw Ave (at the corner of Whiton St) 2 friggin seconds from Downtown by car and minutes from Liberty State Park Light Rail stop (2 blocks). Right near the big ass parking lot and Foundry Condos.

Invisible Fields positively guided by the unseen...The works in the exhibit explore the theory of the existence of unseen "magnetic" forces that moves everything in nature, from birds in flight to the stroke of an artist’s brush. These forces influence some of the most awe-inspiring occurrences of beauty and grace that cannot be explained. Interpretations in the form of sculpture, installation, the written word and paintings. Click here to view the invite.Ariel DeAndrea (installation and paintings)Bret Reilly (sculpture)Ibou Ndoye (painting and sculpture)Noelle Lorraine Williams (REBORN) (the written word)Lex Leonard Gallery143 Christopher Columbus Dr. 2nd floorJersey City, NJ 07302OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, August 31st, 2007 7-11PMSHOW DATES: August 31, 2007 - October 12th, 2007GALLERY HOURS: Thurs-Saturday 3PM - 8PM and by appointment.For more info or appointments:

Sounds of Greg D have a very exciting summertime show coming up with some great bands:
Friday August 31st
Asbury Lanes
209 4th Ave.
Asbury Park, NJ
10pm - American Babies
11pm - Sounds of Greg D
12mid - Crescent Moon
...more details to follow!
"Rearranging of the Slobs" by Sounds of Greg D has moved up Neil Young's chart, 'Songs of the Times' to #107!!
please give a click and a listen --->

Oh, it just keeps getting more out of's like these mannequins have lives of their own! Last week's Gingham-O-Rama was just insane, with the swimsuit/apron bombshell and Little Bo Peep kidnapping a small child off the street and the firemen feeding ice cream to Jailbait... WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT??! Well, all we can tell you is that we have a couple of Jailbait's friends coming in as mannequins tomorrow and they'll look fabulous with their hair by Balance and fashions from World of Style. So grab some ice cream from Tocino's next door or grab a glass of wine on us and get a load of the hijinx in our window! If you want a taste of what the fuss is all about, take a look at our Myspace slideshow! Ciao darlings, Your Fashion Hostess, Kathleen World of Style Vintage18 Erie StreetJersey City, NJ 07302Tues.-Fri., 12-8, Sat. 10-5, Sun. by appt.(201) 324-2992 ~~~~~~~~~~~

Tony,If I find a motherfucker on one of ur bikes I'll lynch the motherfucker. Will do my best to be on the lookout.I'm promoting an event next Saturday, August the 25th at a bar called Caesar's in my neighborhood.It's open to the public. I have Steff spinning and Luke from the Corkscrew on the bar. I'm trying to get as many people to this thing as possible. It's really important because the bar is in the Lafayette (near Liberty State Park Light Rail) section of JC and we've been trying to bring Downtown people here since a few of us moved here a couple of years ago. The neighborhood is Rock N Roll Central and we're getting a chance to build an impression. It's the only area in JC right now that is kinda new.More and more people are moving here and we wanna do this shit right. Would you mind posting it in your events blog thingy? I'll give the info if you're down. -Peter

The Lamp Posts

VIRGO Birthday baSh
Saturday, August 25th, 10 PM - cloSe

See you at the pOst!
boOking & baRtending
LP satuRdayZ
the lamp pOst baR & Grille
382 Second Street
dOwntown jeRsey city

also..... THURSDAY AUGUST 30 DC's Tavern 10pm 30th Birthday Bash Jam Session! Come celebrate my b-day by joinin me, Joe Bussey, Noel Sagerman & guests for the end of the roarin twenties. Oh boy. 505 8th St Hoboken

Attention: artists, illustrators, designers, photographers and anyone else visually inclined...
The deadline for the Cover Design Competition has been extended!
Deadline: Thursday, August 30th, 2007.
The winning cover and any runners up will be featured in the Fall/Winter Issue - October 2007
For more information please visit:
Questions? Need Help? Contact

Hi, guys. I will be playing at Monkeytown in Williamsburg on Wednesday, September 5, at the businessman’s-special hour of 7:30 PM. This will be a (mostly) solo show, but I’ve got some guest stars lined up, too.

Charles Bissell of the Wrens will once again be providing the entertainment portion of the evening. This time around, he won’t be alone; Overlord will be doing a set, too. I’ll be playing synths for Overlord at this performance, so prepare yourself for a double-shot of me. Interesting note for Brooklyn rock aficionados: Sarah “Brockett” Brockett of Palomar will be on bass at this show, and Matt “Matt Houser” Houser, who used to play in Palomar, will be the Overlord drummer. It’s also George “The Overlord Himself” Pasles’s birthday. I’m looking forward to it.

Monkeytown is an unusual venue. The musicians play in the center of a large, square hung with gigantic video screens; audience members sit on sofas against the walls. Dinner is served during the performances. You’re expected to buy something, and you can get drinks if you like, but the food is actually very good. They do lots of film and theatre there, and occasionally open the doors to live music. Seating is limited, the club requires a reservation, and the music and video shows don’t begin until everybody is in the live room. It’s an experience. I’ll send out another announcement in a few weeks, but if you’re sufficiently intrigued and you’d like to reserve a seat,
you can do so through the Monkeytown site. You don’t have to pay anything to make a reservation – you just give your name.

Here are the particulars, in wallet-sized cut-out format:

Tris McCall
@ Monkeytown
w/ Charles Bissell & Overlord
58 North 3rd Street, between Kent & Wythe
Wednesday, September 5
7:30 PM

When the sun shines, we shine together,
Tris McCall

Hey everyone,I've been taking this month off of comedy stuff to focus on scraping a living together off of my shitty freelance writing jobs. But in September, BlackHole will start up again on the 26th, BabyHole will premier on the 4th, and Sweet Face, Sour Puss will happen at least once. Also, my Kitten Recipe Poster will be done. And maybe some other posters of me being sexy. If you want one, it would make me happy if you could put an order in now.About BabyHole:BabyHole Open Mic is going to be the best open mic in Jersey City and it's for everything BUT poetry.And I'm booking the featured musicians and comedians now. So if you want to be a featured musician or comedian, let me know, and tell your friends.It's going to be on Tuesday nights at Toy Eater's Studio.It will start off with the featured music act, and end with the featured comedy act, with about an hour in between of open mic slots.I love you,Melissa Surach