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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hopelessly Promoted for You

A quick thanks to the bands that played our all ages affair this Saturday. Once I have pictures, I'll link them up for you. Unfortunately, I never made it to my High School Reunion, and thus was unable to steal Michele Tansey-Mallicanci back. Maybe next time ? Speaking of next times, On June 5th, Boy/Girl, The Special Moves, and Glass Trees will play 58 . It's a school night show, so make sure you do your homework and come early.

As for this weekend; yes! we do have a private pirate party at 58. You can email me at for an invite, if you really think that you need one. Let me spell it out : this is event will be open only to those who are sea worthy, need help? ask them at fleet week. If you are feeling washed up after the weekend, please sail over next Wednesday for another installment of Melisa Surach's Blackhole Comedy Night.

Factoring in the Memorial Day Holiday, Volleyball will be on Monday (and may be also on Sunday ? ) But I am planning on Monday. Unless the weather forcast is crappy for Monday, then see you on Sunday.

We are looking for some able bodies to help with the following projects at 58; AC installation, sound proofing, and kitchen counter top installation, and minor moped repair, email me above.

The Reservior is looking for Volunteers to help with events We're looking for Volunteers each Saturday from May 12th through October 27th. Hours will be from 10am-2pm and 2pm-6pm. Please email if interested--

Sebastian is looking for a sublet for June : Wanna take a month off ?

111 First Street circa 2015


DJ Chuck Daly @ Lucky 7’s 9 pm to 1 am $1 PBR’s


"Art of Wedding" : Grand Opening of GALLERY LUCY 138 Wayne Street at Varick Street intaglio photographic prints of wedding images by photographers Stefanie Jasper and Paul Sky 7-9pm Catering by Soul Flavors Music by DJ SkyzLimit 917.536.2682

Traffic Study Meeting /Discusssion/ Community Riot @ City Hall 6 pm.
Historic Paulus Hook Association, Inc.
For Neighborhood Preservation, Safety and Development

DJ Jessie Jack in for Chuck D @ the Lamp Post 10 pm

Bryan Beninghove Organ Trio @ DC's Tavern (Hoboken) 9:30pm w/ Kyle Koehler & Noel Sagerman Mikey Teets will be spinnin some delicious platters. 505 8th St. hoboken

??? @ The Iron Monkey Free 10 pm

Free Form Thursdaze at the Waterbug Underground. 11:00 pm. $3 admission. $2 Yeungling all night long. Poetry, comedy, hip hop, and folk. 11:00 - 12:00 best featured performers in Jersey City, 12:00-1:30 open mic. #7 Eerie Street in the basement of Rolon s Keyhole Bar.



Eclectic Bassoon Weekend @ The Lex Leonard Gallery Artwork by Christopher Silk - special musical guests Tonight Tree from the Outside

Larry & Amy @ The Corkscrew 9 pm (check links for dj schedule)

Bryan Beninghove playing with Matt Kane
@ Delta Grill 10:30pm 700 9th Ave (corner of 48th St)

The Meltdowns @ the Luna Lounge (the burg)

The Ukuladies! @ Biscuit (President and 5th Avenue) in Park Slope Brooklyn.Doors open at 8:45.$5 cover1 drink minimum.

Lismore & Animal Blood - Rooftop show @ The Iron Monkey FREE 10 pm

Old Skool Night with DJ Johnny Astronaut @ the Lamp Post FREE 10pm

DJ Rhod 9 pm@ The White Star Bar


Grace Van Vorst Church Breakfast Plus program email . to volunteer

Volunteer Clean up of The Reservior 10 am (check their link--)

Di in the morning @ The Lamp Post 11am to 6pm – Scrabble and other nerdy stuff with the delight of Bloody Mary’s and Egg Sandwiches

HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE: EXPERIMENTAL JAZZ SERIES @ Lex Leonard Gallery $10 (senior/student discount) 8 pm

@ the Lamp Post FREE 10 pm

The Subway Surfers and Disaster US @ The Iron Monkey FREE 10 pm

STD Saturday s @ The Corkscrew : The iMPULSE record release party FREE 10 pm with DJ Cool Hand

Private Pirate Party @ 58. Buried Treasure, Sea Food, and Whiskey await you. Followed the map to the X dress like a pirate and the booty is yours arrgh !!! this skurvy has ruined my vision !!!


Grace Van Vorst Church Breakfast Plus program email . to volunteer

Anti-Monday Sunday (DJ Vin in for Chuck D) @ The Corkscrew FREE 9 pm


Volleyball @ "Pennisula Park" @ 155 Washington Street. We set up at 1 pm


DJ Dancing Tony @ The Lamp Post

DJ Nuygen - spinning AfroBeat @ Bar Majestic FREE 9 pm Move Screenings begin @ 8 pm

The Assention of Tim, the Bartender @ Lucky 7’s - Check their link for Acoustic Acts


DJ Chuck Daly @ Lucky 7’s 9 pm to 1 am $1 PBR’s

Melisa Surach's Blackhole Comedy Show $ 5 Suggested Donation


DJ Chuck D @ the Lamp Post 10 pm

??? @ The Iron Monkey Free 10 pm

Free Form Thursdaze at the Waterbug Underground. 11:00 pm. $3 admission. $2 Yeungling all night long. Poetry, comedy, hip hop, and folk. 11:00 - 12:00 best featured performers in Jersey City, 12:00-1:30 open mic. #7 Eerie Street in the basement of Rolon s Keyhole Bar.

JC Fridays www.

↓↓↓↓↓↓ Look out for Below ↓↓↓↓↓↓

June 1st JC Friday
June 5th Boy/Girl, The Special Moves, and The Glass Trees @ 58 $5 suggested donation
June 7th Bodega POP Art Opening @ 58
June 8th Lismore Tour Kick-off Party at the Cake shop
June 8th Roller Derby
June 8th No Pasaran, WJ & The Sweet Sacrifice, Stuyvesant @ The Clash Bar
June 9th American Watercolor Movement @ Newark Art Festival
June 23rd Art House Productions Summer Blow-out
June 23rd Thrifty 8 Sale
June 29th Kilsy, Emergency Party, Sounds of Greg D, American Watercolor Movement @ Luna Lounge (Williamsburg)

Love tony

JC Department of Love and Leisure

h. 201-fbi-auto
w. 973-783-7670

Looking for a roommate ?
I am a member of Gaia Studio in Hoboken, a high school teacher, and an artist working in the Jersey City/Hoboken area. I am looking for a place to live.A lease starting on or about August 1st. I would be able to move earlier in the summer if neccessary. I can afford approximately $700/mo. I would like to either live alone or in an apartment with female roommates only. I would need the apartment to be close to the NJ turnpike. if you know of any opportunities or availabilities please contact me at

CreateSpace and Jasper-Sky Photographers are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of
located at
138 Wayne Street at Varick Street
in downtown Jersey City, New Jersey
Gallery Lucy's inaugural show is
"Art of Wedding"
intaglio photographic prints of wedding images by photographers Stefanie Jasper and Paul Sky through June 21
Artists' Reception:
Thursday, May 24
Catering by Soul Flavors
Music by DJ SkyzLimit
Trish Szymanski is Gallery Lucy's curator and manager.
See poster attached.
THE INTAGLIO PROCESS (courtesy of Nathan Kanofsky)
Intaglio is a traditional form of printmaking that involves transferring an image from a fixed matrix to paper, usually with the use of an etching press.
Silicone Intaglio is a new hybrid photographic process where a large film is exposed to a light sensitive plate. The parts of the plate that do not receive light are washed away in the developing process, exposing the substrate. The plate is then rolled by hand with oil based ink mixed to the artisty's color desired. The plate is placed on the press and covered with printmaking paper which is 100% rag cotton. It is then rolled through the press with felt blankets over it pushing the ink into the porous paper fibers and thereby transferring it onto the exposed substrate. The plate is then removed and again hand rolled with ink continuing the process to make multiple impressions.
Gallery Lucy is barrier-free. lucy ... 917.536.2682

DC's TavernTHURSDAY May 24 9:30pmBryan Beninghove Organ Triow/ Kyle Koehler & Noel SagermanWho wants to throw down?!Tossin out some organ grooves at my favorite watering hole. So - get on out and celebrate the pre-Memorial madness with an ice cold Lowenbrau!Mikey Teets will be spinnin some delicious platters. 505 8th St. hoboken

Alright!So, we got ourselves a gig on a Friday night at the new Luna Lounge in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, not Virginia, although VA is excellent and we will go there this Summer)! We're opening up at 7:30 on Friday the 25th of May, which is really pretty awesome. After reading about the place from Tris McCall and Jim Testa, and seeing as how we have some good friends out in the burg, I had to get us a gig. We lucked out - Rob who books the Luna tends to be fairly selective of who he puts on, has a good reputation, and giving us this slot he's expecting us to bring heads! So you should come out and kick it with us, and bring all your friends. We've got a whole show planned out, including, yes, The Dance, which I swear we will YouTube soon, due to popular demand. Or you can bring a video cam and do it yourself! We have something special planned or later in the evening, too, for those among you who don't want to stop dancing with us. In other news, we're currently cutting a single for two of our new tunes, Club Sedition and Shelter. We tracked it live, we have a couple of things to dub, but it's almost done and it's already as a rough mix ten times better than anything we've done before. It's really nice working with a producer who's been at this a long time, "gets" our music, and works with us so well (Gerry Griffin the Fourth, Temple of Tuneage in Verona). It's a home studio, we're getting a free ride, and the quality is top-notch, so we're quite grateful. Hopefully we'll have it mixed, mastered, and pressed by late June. Even sooner, if physically possible. Tonight we're moving in to our new rehearsal space in Jersey City which we are sharing with the good gentlemen from Water Under Water. It doesn't smell, we can play late, it's like we're a REAL band! Like everyone else we know, we're out of Montclair and moving on to the next chapter. Last Saturday we got our mugs shot by Ms. Colleen Gutwein, who won't let us see the photos. Colleen helped us choreograph The Dance (which we will teach you, it's easy!), is helping us coordinate the after-festivities for the 25th, and will be taking care of the scheduling for the short tour we're going to do. We have a number of good gigs coming up this Summer (Asbury Lanes!), we expect to be doing some short mini-excursions into the South, and it looks like the tour will be a x-country thing in the beginning of August. I'll let you know as events unfold, but it's definitely an exciting time for us. Stop by our myspace page which tends to get updated with the gigs sooner than the actual webpage, which tends to be more inane rambling and funny pictures and such. So, to recap:The MeltdownsFriday May 25th 7:30pmLuna Lounge361 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211Let's show the Brooklynites and what kind of crazy we've been working on here in New Jersey! Looking forward to seeing you soon,Billy MeltdownP.S. Does anyone want to start a band called The Expensive Haircuts?P.P.S. Adam and I want to do a Daft-Punk esque side project called Four On The Floor.

Hi!!! Looks like The Ukuladies will be playing 2 more shows before going on a bit of a summer hiatus - this friday at Biscuit and Monday, June 18th at Union Hall (which is apparently a bar with 2 indoor bocce courts! more info on that show in a couple weeks) - would love to see you! Heather aka Cousin Bunnie
Please come to Biscuit BBQ this Friday evening, May 25th, for an extravagant....nay, should I say....elemental night of ukulele playing, tap dancing and all-around fun!
We are thrilled to be hosting Uke Nights again and this evening promises to be naughtier, tastier, noisier than ever.
9pm - Daria Grace and Friends featuring:
J Walter Hawkes: soprano uke & trombone
Jon Dryden: accordion
Doug Largent: upright bass
10pm - The Ukuladies! featuring new songs and the "Nearly" Reverend Mary!
Biscuit is on the corner of President and 5th Avenue in Park Slope Brooklyn.
Doors open at 8:45.
$5 cover
1 drink minimum.
Also, please check out our My Space page and be our friends!!!
Thanks and hope to see you!
(917) 518-1961
"When the power of Love overcomes the love of Power, the world will know peace."
- Jimi Hendrix

JC Crowds Go APE for the Subway Surfers
GIG! May 26: The Iron Monkey
Iron Monkey
97 Greene St.
Jersey City, NJ
Time: 10:30pm
W/Disaster US

Its been a long time coming, but the iMPULSE has finally released their first single! Why all the fuss, you ask??? Yeah, its a split single, but the fact remains that pressing music to wax makes you a REAL band, not an band with just a myspace page or a burned cd (we've done both of these, too). This 7" single being released into the world means that the iMPULSE is HERE and that they are the REAL deal. And twenty years from now, after cd-rs have degenerated and mp3s are a digital blip of the past, this record will still be around and played as a testament to iMPULSE rock'n'roll. So you better come party with us!OK. On with the details...To release this record properly, we are traveling to the darkest corners of Jersey City night life...THE HEIGHTS. Far from the dollar stores of Newark Ave, THE CORKSCREW is the perfect place to celebrate a vinyl 7". It is small, they spin vinyl, and the drinks are cheap ($ a 7").

AS FOR BLACKHOLE:Seriously, you will not get shot at BlackHole. Comedian Donnell Rawlings from The Chappelle Show was shot at after doing a set at Jordan's Fish and SteakHouse in Jersey City. YOU WILL NOT GET SHOT AT BLACKHOLE. I wasn't lying when I said, "BlackHole is the only comedy show in Jersey City you won't get shot at." The next BlackHole is on May 30th. Check my blog, Fear and Dread, Guilt and Shame for things.Thanks!Melissa

Art House Productions presents
For those who dare…
Art House Productions brings you a strange and exciting evening filled with eccentricities, entertainers and obscure talents.
Janice Ducate * Christine Goodman * Jack Halpin * Alexander the Poet * Melissa Surach * Trish Szymanski * Heather Warfel and much more!
10pm show, repeated at 11pm
Art House Productions
1 McWilliams Place, Roof
(SE Corner of Hamilton Park near Erie St/8th St. in the old St. Francis bldg)
A JC Fridays event

Fri June 29th @ Luna Lounge
8pm - Kilsy 9pm - Emergency Party

Greetings artists and arts supporters!
Spring is here and new beginnings are in the air for Art House Productions. We are proud to OUR NEW HOME! Hope you can join us for one of these exciting events coming up in May and June 2007.
Keep on creating,
Christine Goodman
Founder/Artistic Director, Art House Productions
All events listed below will be held at:
Art House Productions
1 McWilliams Place, ROOF, Jersey City
(SE Corner of Hamilton Park near Erie/8th St., old St. Francis Bldg)
AHP sends sincere thanks to Exeter Properties for opening their doors to us.

FRIDAY, JUNE 1ST, 8pm-midnight * FREE
Theatre and music all night long!
THURSDAY, JUNE 7TH * 8-10pm * $5
Jersey City's longest running performance series Featuring the area's hottest poets and musicians Taped for television
Season finale event!!
Featuring Slam Champion
and Director of The Cypher Movement
and Musical Guest
SATURDAY, JUNE 24th, 8pm-midnight
Our 3rd Annual Blowout featuring the LIVE MUSIC!!
Bands to be announced...check back soon!
ACTING FOR BEGINNERS: Discovering Your Voice on Stage 5-week acting course offered this spring by CHRISTINE GOODMAN Founding Artistic Director, Art House Productions Producer, Writer and Professional Actor
ACTING FOR BEGINNERS’ comprehensive approach to actor craft will help you embrace yourself as an actor -- in a safe, supportive environment. This class is for adults who would like to explore the basics of acting and gain tools to help them feel more confident on stage when speaking or performing in public.
Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30pm
May 22nd - June 19th, 2007
Sign up before May 1st for an additional $10 off!
* How to acknowledge the audience -- and then forget them
* Facing the fear and using it to your advantage
* Is it all a lie? Staying truthful on stage
* Making the magic: how to bring a scene to life
For more information, or to reserve space in our acting class, email or call (201) 915-9911

"Home is where the ART is"

Hello folks. This email is a correction to some of the show dates mentioned in the last update.
The correct dates are as follows:
GLEN COLEMAN (Friday May 4)
HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE (Saturdays in May: 5, 12, 19, 26)
CHRIS SILK (Three events in May: Fridays May 11, 18, 25)
MARIA RUBIO (Opening reception during the next JC Fridays: June 1)
KARINA & FRIENDS (Saturday: June 2)

Here's an update on Karina's lineup....
Performers include: Dujuana, Christine Goodman, Beth Bentley, Rico Steele and more to come...

PRESS RELEASE FOR JAZZ SERIES------------------------------------------
Lex Leonard
Lex Leonard Gallery
Jersey City, NJ, May, 2007 - "HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE - Experimental Jazz in Jersey City" is a musical series organized by jazz musician James Keepnews featuring four groups led by noted practitioners of experimental jazz and improvised music to be held every Saturday in May at Lex Leonard Gallery, 143 C. Columbus Dr., Jersey City, NJ from 8pm - 12am. General admission is $10 each night, $7 for students and seniors with valid ID.

--- May 26: Jason Kao Hwang / EDGE - JC resident Jason Kao Hwang on violin: Featuring Ken Filiano on bass, Andrew Drury on drums and special guest Steve Swell on trombone.
About the scene...

Over the last several years, Jersey City has distinguished itself as an important center for the arts not only locally but globally. Its numerous galleries, arts centers and the support received from local audiences are a testament to a thriving arts scene right across the Hudson River. As a result, more and more artists of every variety are increasingly making Jersey City their home. This is notably true for avant-garde jazz musicians. As the number of spaces within the greater metropolitan area that feature this music has shrunk dramatically in the last few years, musicians increasingly are turning to self-promoted events to keep this vital music alive. James Keepnews is an independent jazz musician and promoter who's organized a platform for cutting edge jazz for four Saturdays in May.
About the promoter...
James Keepnews is a musician, writer and multimedia artist. He has performed with dozens of bands and performing artists over the course of two decades, including Daniel Carter, George Lewis, Holland Hopson, Joe Giardullo, Linda Montano, Damian Catera and many others. Keepnews received his B.A. in English at Hamilton College in 1988 and attended the Interactive Electronic Arts program (iEAR) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, receiving his MFA from there in 1998. He is currently preparing several releases for his his record label, Metaharmonc ( For more information on James and other participants of the series please visit

ABOUT Lex Leonard Gallery
Lex Leonard Gallery is a new 1400 sq/ft space located in the heart of Downtown Jersey City, New Jersey, 1 block west of the Grove St. Path Station, minutes away from NYC @ 143 Christopher Columbus Drive at Barrow St.
For more information, please e-mail or visit

CURRENT GALLERY HOURS--------------------
Thursdays and Fridays from 7 - 8:30pm
Lex Leonard Gallery
143 C.Columbus Drive
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Support Rolon's Bar.
@ ROLON'S BAR: 7 Erie St.
Yes folks, the Bug's open mic is still tickin after 4 years!
Doors: 10pm
Close: 1:30am
Refreshments avail.
Visit us on
@ ROLON'S BAR: 7 Erie St.
Starting this Sunday at Rolon's basement singer/songwriter Roland Ramos will be conducting jam sessions. PA and drum kit is available on the premises. All are welcomed. Refreshments avail.
Doors: 7:30pm
Close: 11pm
Refreshments avail.
Visit us on
PS: I'm planning a group trip to The Bonaroo Music Festival. If interested let me know.
So there you have it folks. Stop by the gallery!
Lex Leonard

Lampost Shows

june 2 - agents of karma
wed, june 6 - buzzuniverse
june 9 - djiboutiband
wed, june 20 - jason c of american watercolor movement
june 23 - if 6 was 9
july 14 - house of leaves and bad touch


NEW BEGINNINGS/ANCIENT WISDOM- Group Show at ManaFineArts Gallery
Opens MAY 31st from 6-10pm. Also open for JC Fridays.
This show highlights the work of 12 Artists the RockSoup Arts Collective. The show will feature Paintings, Sculpture, Installations, Graffiti, Mosaic work, Projections and Live Music.
This show will also be the inspiration and kick off to our next event Festa Feniceʼ.

FESTA FENICE- Summer Outdoor Festival- July 14th 10am-10pm
@Power House Arts District
This will be RockSoupʼs grandest Spectacle to date. An all day outdoor Arts& Culture festival in the spirit of the Phoenix ; a mythical bird that symbolized rebirth and renewal.
There will be live music, food and Beer vendors as well as circus performers and live percussion throughout the event. There will also be Artists vendor tables offered to be rented for promotion and sale of artwork.
Availability is limited so email your requests/interest immediately to;
If youʼd like to volunteer your help with the festival email
For more information or if youʼd like to support this Festival so that we can do it annually please go to

No More Project 001 Gallery??!
Well folks we always knew we couldnʼt have it forever and the time came to let go of our beloved Project 001 Gallery. The space was lent to us while vacant and waiting for a restauranteer to rent the space. We have held many exciting events there and am so grateful for having had a gallery for nearly a year to express our ideas and meet so many of you. RockSoup will still be using 001 Gallery for Special events but will no longer continue its bi weekly programming or hold regular gallery hours. This will allow us to focus more on our giant show at MFA and the Festafeniceʼ.

Itʼs hard to believe that RockSoup is just under a year old , but itʼs true. RockSoup held itʼd first meeting on June 21st 2006. Some two months later we were working with Design Grace and NEW magazine on JCʼs first Creative Guide and then a month after that had our own gallery space. Now RockSoup has taken itself a step further and is in the process of incorporating so we can take advantage of all the wonderful things that go along with being legit. If there are any.
We have many exciting projects planned so if your interested in becoming a part of RockSoupStudios send us a request on our myspace or respond to this email.

**STUDIOS for Rent in RockSoupStudios LOFT SPACE
RockSoup has the great fortune of having itʼs own amazing Loft space to continue working on majore peieces of artwork as well as hold events. Our Loft space at 660 Grand street is 5000 sq ft. Boasts 18ft ceilings, a 2500 sq ft rooftop with view of NYC skyline and with individual studios within the space. We have a DJ boothe, a treehouse, punching bag, climbing rope, and a wood shop in construction.
Spaces range from: Storage and use of $250 per month. Available from 10am-10pm
Private Studios $400-700 per month plus utilities
Studios are available as soon as June 1st and are very selective. Must be working artist with a steady income as well as other criteria. If your interested in joing RS and sharing our great space email John Fathom at

05/26/2007 10:00 PM - Disaster Us, The Subway Surfers @ Iron Monkey [Edit] [Cancel] 97 Greene St Jersey City, New Jersey US Cost:free Description:Disaster Us-12am Subway Surfers-11pm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------06/15/2007 08:00 PM - Rockabilly night w/Tombstone Brawlers & The Ogbanje @ Iron Monkey [Edit] [Cancel] 97 Greene St Jersey City, New Jersey US Cost:N/A Description:It's a Horrorbilly mad house with two of NJ's best mutant rockers: Tombstone Brawlers and The Ogbanje Plus Horror Movies on the Iron Monkey big screen and lotsa Kustom Kulture SHIT!!!
-------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
the Subwway Surfers GIG! June 29th Otto's Shrunken Head Otto's Shrunken Head 538 E 14th St New York, NY 10009-3347 Cross Street: Between Avenue A and Avenue B Directions: L at 1st Ave Subway Surfers make their triumphant return to Otto's after their killer Halloween show w/The Dark Marbles & Trash Mavericks -------------------------------------- Like 80s Punk & New Wave? Check out Fuzzco's Podcast: "Subway Surfers are the kind of band Friday nights were made for."-Robin Eisgrau, JC Downtown magazine"Rock n' roll is supposed to be fun. The Subway Surfers are fun. They get it."-Bill Kelly, The Teenage Wasteland, WFMU-FM"Sounds like some great 45 lost since 1977."-Lindsay Hutton, The Next Big Thing"If people don't go see you guys play...they're #!$%*& stupid."-Jennifer Loveless, Musicologist & Rock Chick !!!

Spring greetings!You are invited to perform spoken word, poetry, voice or music, bring your own small amp and mike if needed. During 12 pm - 6:30 pm Friday June 1st, 2007, in the Caucus Room, City Hall, 280 Grove Street - Second floor, Jersey City, NJ. The Caucus Room is a large board room about 20 x 40 feet being used for art gallery space. My TREE show is the second in a series in praise of trees in all their manifestations. Trees as glorious elements of nature, as shelter, nurture, medicine, as symbols, as elements of our community, part of our history, parts of our imaginations, our inner expressions of love, and more ... in fact anything that inspires you, whether related to trees or not, is welcome. Another celebration of nature and life. Please respond as soon as possible with your preferred performance time 12 pm - 6:30 pm, Friday, June 1st.Happy spring!

Hay tony.....
just so ya know.... !NP! + WJ and THE SWEET SACRIFICE + STUYVESANT rock CLASH BAR in CLIFTON on JUNE 8th.... maybe see ya thursday? i've been lifting some serious trees, so i may or may not make it....