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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

This will Get your Goat or City Hall Selling Out[side]

Sunshine.... lights jackets... Spring is coming into full swing with the beginning of our great weekends outdoors. Celebrating Mother Nature and Mother Earth, who previously brought us such great things as "the streets of ice, and a polar vortex" should be a good reminder that we need to keep our eco-system in order, or in better order. Rejoice. Rejuvenate, and Recycle !

Using reusable kegs for the last three years and saving Donkey Kong from a landfill. Jersey City's Barcade celebrates it's third year of making it difficult for women to get attention at the quarter fueled fun parlour. Many great beers will be on tap for tonight's celebration. Don't take it personally ladies, guys gotta live. If you do need some special treatment come by Lucky's later, for your Marquee Night. Adam and the Plants, Vomitface, Lip Service and Slipperfaces play the Lamp Post Thursday Night. 

On Saturday, City Hall officially Sells Out-doors with The Project : Earth showcasing all things local as well as some locally sourcing Earth Day opportunities at City Hall Plaza. You can follow up your support of local economies on Sunday with the 6th Borough Market in Hamilton Park [come May 18th they'll be occupying City Hall Plaza].

On Saturday Evening, Jersey City's newest performing and visual art space opens at Merseles Studios at Jersey City Theater Center [located at the repurposed second floor of the Monaco Lock Building at 339-345 Newark Avenue]. Personal & Universal has a host of musical, performance and visual arts curated by the Jersey City Art School. Tickets and a full listing is here.

I'll be repurposing the back of the Lamp Post for Saturday Night Malaria. Working the triage with em will be Dr. Doogie Howser [Bram Teiltelman], Surgeon General Andrea WK, and your truly Dancing Tony. Remember when you asked for a "proper dance party" this is it. DJ Stay Golden Pony Boy is at Lucky's.

On Sunday, we welcome the Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery's newest volunteers and residents, The Landscaping Goats from New England. At the Celebrate Mother Earth Festival Yes real goats will tackle the most difficult terrain that has claimed many a lawnmower. Nature Exhibits, Walking Tours, food and refreshments a bounty for our first fundraiser with Live Music by The Levins, The Sensational Country Blues Wonders, The Porchistsas, The Accidental Seabirds, and Scott Wolfson and the other heroes. Save May 17th for Pushing Up the Daisies. Clamoring for a Kayak? check out rock the reservoir, at 3pm. Bands Beer, Kayaking, and Restoration at the Reservoir.

Okay Here's the run down on why I am run down

PanAfrican Jam with DJ Neva at Meridian 23 NYC 6 pm
French Connection at Loew's 8 pm

Green Dream - Save The Frogs Day Event  at the Distillery Gallery 4pm
the Little Figure 6pm. Speedy 8pm at Loew's
Craig Ferguson's MARINA FRANKLIN headlines The Laugh Tour at ART HOUSE, 8 pm
Nick's Annual Birthday Bash With Sea of Otters! at Northern Soul 8:30 pm

Historic Paulus Hook Association's Annual Pancake Breakfast 9 am
JC Waterfront Volleyball 1:30 at Morris Canal
Sunday Concert at Tachair Presents: Cathal Pratt 2pm

metal monday at L7's! 10 pm

proof is in the pictures

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Don't Worry Be Happy

"a thousand Xanax couldn't clam me down" he shouted, grasping on what would become his last words.....

This isn't a suicide note, but I did want to let you know that the Rock-it Docket as we know it will be coming to an end soon. Be on the look-out for a new redesigned website made in Jersey City by Roll out soon as well as some new formatting and PAID advertising and Merch, sorry I need a staff and heathcare, 14 years for FREE has been a bargain.

Okay as to my email, I'm gearing up for the Ladies tonight at Lucky's. But many a woman may be at the Lamp Post tonight for Polina & the Pyramids [11], Devi [10]  and the Karyn Kuhl Band[ 9]. JC Slams at The Dopeness beforehand. I'm Back Lucky's this Saturday for a Rock Steady | Reggae-ton Party with DJ Neva Wartell and DJ Special Guest Mon [Dave Alden]. Next Saturday I am teaming up with Andrea WK for Saturday Night Malaria | A Dance Party of Epidemic Proportions at the Lamp Post. We are going to deck the place out so if you really want a place to dance on Sat April 26th Jersey City this is it.

Creative Grove returns to the Grove Plaza on Friday with Re-Incarnate from 3 pm to 9 pm. On the Night side Killing Horse Records celebrates their Fourth year at the New Court Tavern. I'm not sure if it's a new location or they just no longer have the real mean door guy, which apparently think was the "charm' of the place. Ask me if I want someone to be rude to me so I can pay money to see a show. I am at least hoping that he was a really nice guy outside of the Court Tavern Anyway. Cicada Radio, Wreaths, Overlake, and tv sound all play. 
The Dive Bombers play at Spike Hill this FRidays as well. 

If you are up early Saturday Catch DJ Pastiche at MOD Cup Coffee. It's nothing like Starbucks and they make what's called a concentrato, which will make you twitch by the third cup. They serve pastries from Cocoa Bakery and a great food by Dark Side of the Moo is parked outside [ Pastiche Pulls a DJ double at Porto-Lounge later thank night] After you've zooted on some coffee head over to the 1st Open Call for the Tedx JC Conference and Make your pitch. for this years theme "A Brave New World". Rising Tide Capital, 334 MLK Dr. in the Bergen/Lafayette neighborhood of Jersey City.Actually I think all of the audition slots may be taken. 

That's it for now: I have to go manually promote events. Plus according to research you gave up reading after the 2nd or 3rd paragraph. 

Here's what else is coming up next weekends 

Sat April 26th Project Earth at City Hall 
Sat April 26th Motor Funker at Lucky's 
Sun April 27th  Mother Earth Festival at the Historic JC & Harsimus Cemetery 
Fri May 2rd SILVERMAN's Cinco De Mayo Parade and Street Festival 
Sat May 3rd 5th Annual Chili Cook-Off Fiestas 
Sat May 3rd Lucky 7's Beach Party Weekend 
Wed May 7th HDSID Groove on Grove Kick-off 6 to 9 pm 
Sat May 17th Pushing Up the Daisies at Historic JC and Harsimus Cemetery 
Sat May 17th Pushing 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

I Predict a Riot Or The Final Frontier

Vinyl enthusiast are amassing at Grove Street Path Plaza for today's record riot. WAX on Mr. Miyagi and head over before this once revered for of music goes the way or 8 tracks :)
At 6pm today, the opening reception for Dylan Egon's : America Holy Relics takes place at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery [NYC]. Also showing is Dan Witz's New York Hardcore, if you want to continue your quest for melee, but for a good cause. 
New Jersey Golden Gloves continues tonight at 7 pm Middle School #4. 

Tonight's the closing night for the Jersey City Comedy Festival. at start at 4pm with a crew cut of Comedy at Balance Hair Salon on Erie. Then at 6pm a Tosh.0 esque video clips and discussions, before tonight's closing ceremonies, which will involved over 2000 rubber chickens at Rogue's Gallery at 8pm. 

On the night side. I'm over at Lucky's for the Final Frontier with DJ's Capt. Kirk & Tactical Officer Matt U-Chekov [USS Front Bottoms]. Overlake, Dead Star [bkln] and Adam and the Plants Play the Lamp Post. 

Sunday looks like a fine day to kick off the Volleyball Season. I used to say that we are laid back people that just enjoy hanging out and playing games. But since we've been doing this for 13 years skills eventually got better. However, we are still nice people. 

Coming Up 

April 26th Saturday Night Malaria [it's worse than a Fever] at the Lamp Post
May 17th Pushing Up the Daisies at the Historic JC and Harsimus Cemetery