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Saturday, July 30, 2011

BBQ is the New Brunch

Hey All:

Why not make Sunday Brunch a BBQ ? You can listen to some great bands, bowl, and enjoy a back yard BBQ compliments of Lucky Seven's while you support the Historic JC and Harismus Cemetery . 3 pm Barrow Mansion please come.


Caribou : New Tape pieces by Kayt Hester at LITM : Art and music created and inspired by Pixies songs


Joe Valez art opening at 58  - 7 to 11 pm.

APAOCRYPHA : Painting and Drawings by Joe Valez

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Benefit of Bee-Bee-Quing

My parents were always avid grillers. From the hottest day in summer to the coldest winter day, only a rainy day could grant me a respite of my mother calling me from work to "set up the grill". Kingsford Briquettes were the brand of choice, same routine every time, following the instructions on the side of the bag ; make a pyramid, add lighter fluid, wait one minute, light. Never failed, at most it faltered and that only game me the opportunity to disobey the instructions on the lighter fluid " Do not pour on open flame !"

Sunday, we have some good grilling going on for a special cause. The Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery [ the location of last year, and this year's Ghost of Uncle Joe's Halloween Party] i hoping to raise some $50,000 to obtain a matching grant, in addition their running tight on their expenses and are in need of some financial assistance. So we've gathered up 6 bands, 2 lanes of bowling, racks of ribs and cans of beer to have a nice Sunday Cook-out. It's Sunday, so we are starting things early at 3pm. Live Music by Leaf Pile, The Audio Bodies, The Milwaukees, Ladell McLin, Bad Cop [Nashville], and Thomas Francis Takes His Chances  all team up for this event.  $25 entry with BBQ from Lucky's, $20 without, $5 off admission with two non perishable food items to donate for the St. Matthew's Food Pantry. Can't make it but can donate

There's live music leading up to this all week. A new doubled down effort has been going on at the Lamp Post, courtesy of Zac Clark and Jen Schwartz of Ghost Train PR on Saturday's and Thursday Knights Candice. Ghost Train is also booking Lucky's Tuesday Nights,  a good way to get some shows under your belt.

This Wednesday's Groove on Grove is a Three Round Bout Showcase with Pat Van Dyke, Sylvana Joyce and the Moment, with the Defending Champions, stepping into the ring last.

That's all for now have to make a flyer run. This Internet thing can be misleading. Before I go, please don't forget about Kayt Hester's Caribou at LITM next Tuesday. The artwork is all inspired by the Pixies as will be my play list.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hotter than July

Groove on Grove is back tonight with a Sweet and Sour Showcase featuring : the 1000 Pities, Sonny Honey and WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice. Bring your bathing suit, we may need to pool hop afterwards. Van Vorst Park is also hosting Inception at 8pm and there are three open mikes around the neighborhood. Uptown | Downtown and Newport. Get  the full listings on

Thursday Night, Thomas Francis Takes his Chances and Ballroom play at the Lamp Post it's a free show as all Lamp Post music nights are. Glen D and the Lodi Three and Wyldlife play the LP on Saturday.  On Thursday Night, DJ Leonard Smalls resets the counter on a quest to beat his most consecutive Ladies Nights DJ'ed at Lucky 7's.

Moving forward :

The Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery on Newark Ave, is seeking to obtain $50,000 of matching funds and grants to help this non-profit organization maintain the grounds of this historic cemetery run entirely by volunteers. Please join us SUNDAY JULY 31st at Barrow Mansion [83 Wayne Street] for a BBQ, BANDS, BOWLING BENEFIT.  Thomas Francis, The Milwaukees, The Audiobodies, Leaf Pile. Bad Cop [Nashville] Ladell McLin, and others are ready rock-it. $25 for entry and a plate of BBQ from Lucky Seven's BBQ menu [ $5 off with donation of 2 non perishable items for St. Matthew's food pantry] .

Also I am getting all Pixielated for Kayt Hester's CARIBOU at LITM on Tuesday August 2nd. Masking tape works inspired by the music of the Pixies all night.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Oracle told me to go to NYC on Friday Night

Running a little late. I must have missed my exit on the information super highway.

Thanks everyone who came out for the Social Distortion Show at 58 last Thursday
Thanks everyone who came out for July 4th. Another banner night for America.
Thanks everyone who made it our last night's Spirit of 7/6 Showcase at Grove Street.

Wyldife plays the Studio at Webster Hall this Saturday Night and the Front Bottoms play Maxwells on Saturday, Teaneck on Friday.

Tonight Shayfer James, The Pochistas and Billy Alpha [WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice] play the Pier Sessions in Hoboken.

Friday: Orlando Reyes [58 Gallery's Executive Director] has a solo exhibit at Oracle 113 in NYC. The opening reception is from 8 pm to 10 pm, but you must RSVP for this event at via email at info(at)

This weekend is the St Anthony's Festival on Sixth Street. Everything you could ever want in a street fair. Come Hungry - Leave Happy.

Sunday - Volleyball.

Next Tuesday

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 4th BBQ | Volleyball | Festival of Light @ the Jetty aka Morris Canal aka the Korean War Memorial (155 Washington St.)

sometimes when you have the same party every year you can just use the same email

Jersey City may be cutting it's budget on Fireworks (actually, they have been canceled) but that doesn't equate to us cancelling the annual July 4th BBQ and Volleyball. NOPE, it means another DIY opportunity in Jersey City.

Jersey City Festival of Lights Party
BBQ | Volleyball | Karaoke | Dance party
Noon to Doom. (set-up at 11 am) Folks I really need a couple of people to set-up

Folks here's what we need to do, without burning down half of Jersey City, we need to illuminate the coast. So bring flash lights, colored lights, glow sticks, and think about a way that we let launch a giant, illuminated balloon to let Macy's know that we blew our fireworks money on crack. :) JC's infamous Illuminiationist NORM FRANCOUR filling the minivan. I plan to bring a generator so we have a power source.

If all goes according to plans once dust comes, we will have an illuminated, karaoke, dance party on the waterfront.

WHAT TO BRING (text me or message below)

Bring Games :
We have the volleyball net set up, but only 12 people can play at once so check your parents garage for :

Horseshoes, Paddle ball, Bocce, Frisbee

Bring Food for the BBQ:

We will have two grills :

I am marinating a couple of London broils and veggies for the grill. 

we need someone to say yes to :

Burgers  - Thank you Matt from White Star /  Captain Al's
veggie burgers 12 - we need - but i assume a vegetarian will bring them.
burger buns Thank you Matt from White Star /  Captain Al's
hot dogsThank you Matt from White Star /  Captain Al's
hot dog buns Thank you Matt from White Star /  Captain Al's
some chicken, or somefunky type of sausages,  or better yet help cook. 

Bring something to drink :

I am bringing two cases of water and soda, and making some lemonade. Jersey City Police frown upon bringing a keg to the park so use your f*cking brain folks and maybe make some punch. also we will most likely Big Red Plastic cups 16oz.

Help DJ ?
Help Clean-up ?
Help Norm set-up his lights ?

If you haven't gotten the point yet, if your idea of contributing to a group is just showing up with a pack of cigarettes, do me a favor and find another BBQ. Thanks I love you Jersey City but it's time you got your sh+t together

Message up on what you can Bring.
973-219-9696 cell

Dancing Tony
Jersey City Department of Love and Leisure
home 201-FBI-AUTO (324-2886)

Dancing Tony
Jersey City Department of Love and Leisure
home 201-FBI-AUTO (324-2886)
cell 973-219-9696

Dancing Tony
Jersey City Department of Love and Leisure

home 201-FBI-AUTO (324-2886)
cell 973-219-9696